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  1. Dskaggs

    Broken incisor!!!

    Hi! My rabbit broke her tooth tonight and it’s sticking out of her mouth! It looks like it’s still attached at the gums but it’s broken so far up that I can’t even see the break. I called every emergency vet in my area and even the ones two hours away. I’m nervous for her over night with it...
  2. S

    Angry bunny after interacting with bonding bunny

    My bunny Cosmo I guess jumped over his pen in the other room because he was out and I hadn’t let him out for the day at this point. And when I opened the door he slipped through and out into the area where I was letting Stella my other bunny run. The two interacted for a moment and she tried to...
  3. beenybunnybinny

    My rabbit is having severe behavioral problems. Any advice?

    My rabbit, Raisin has been destroying our house as of late. Before, she wasn’t as destructive but it’s been so bad to the point where the walls are being chewed (the paint being chipped off as well) and she’s been destroying/breaking expensive things. I don’t agree with putting a rabbit in a...
  4. chunkybun

    What’s up with my bun? Stasis? Blockage?

    My bunny has been acting weird since hours. He seems really uncomfy and is switching positions. We thought it’s stasis first since his belly was really really soft and is still a bit. We massage him a lot and gave him Gas-Relief Drops. He has been eating Oat Hay and usually gets Timothy. He...
  5. emmaskye

    Will bunny remember me after 3 weeks on holiday

    Hi everyone, my family and I have had our bunny for over 2 years now… we are going on a family vacation to Europe for three weeks and have relocated him to my aunt’s house. We set up his pen just as it is at home and brought familiar hideys and toys. I’m very upset and worried that he will...
  6. Halimabrooks

    How do I get my bunny to be more interested in eating hay

    Hello, So recently my bunny underwent a dental procedure as his teeth were quite overgrown. I think this was because of his lack of grazing on hay throughout the day, I offer him as much hay as he needs everyday but he isn’t that interested and he would rather just play in it than actually chew...
  7. M

    Problem with one of five kits

    My rabbit had a litter of 5 a few weeks ago (first ever litter, she is the first bunny I had gotten, she has had no problem with me being around them since the day she gave birth and she takes good care of them). i haven’t been home the last few days but previously I had noticed one kitten that...
  8. Turtle2w

    HELP!! Missing bunny. edit: (found!)

    I'm new to the bunny world.. my son got his first baby rabbit today! We had it in a fenced area, I turned my back on the darn thing for at least 2 mins.. and it's GONE! what the heck?? We searched every where! Literally everywhere!! What's the chances of the bunny showing back up?? We do live...
  9. KayKai

    HELP! My rabbit is really upset! (Training)

    Hello all, I need help! I have a rabbit who is 4 months old I just started litter training him. I did a lot of research on how to do it. Before training I had him in paper bedding in his play pen because I'm a new bunny mom. During training it was recommended that I removed the bedding and put a...
  10. emmaskye

    Help, not sure what to do -- messy bottom

    Just saw my rabbit’s bottom today, never seen this before. Does anybody know what this is? And can you help on what to do
  11. R

    rabbit always sleeping and laying down but eating well and drinking too

    Is it normal for my rabbit to be so sleepy all the time? She's eating well! She loves her oxbow pellets and she has a lot of hay. I noticed she always sleeps and lays down. When should I be concerned? Thanks!
  12. D46B5385-A765-4CB1-8F7B-B006EC154875.jpeg


    This is my bunny coco he has recently gotten an eye infection from what i’ve seen 3 days ago I have no idea how to fix it I put eye drops and no progress I don’t know how long it’s gonna take but i hope that he’s not blind but i can’t even see his pupil or anything. I really need help fixing this.
  13. DaughterofFreya

    Do rabbits reabsorb litters?

    Hello (: I was wondering if rabbits are capable of absorbing litters in utero. My 8 month old Holland lop inadvertently spent a night with two intact males. (March 4th) She’s normally adverse to breeding anyhow and ripped a tuft of hair off of one of them. (That’s how aggressive she is to...
  14. G

    Pls help with month and a half old bunny care

    Hello I was gifted a new 1 & 1/2 month old bunny. This is my first time taking care of a bunny so I need your help. Listed are the things I do and know about rabbits so please give suggestions or correct anything. I take him to my room everyday to roam around but at night i keep him caged in...
  15. EclipseTheLionhead

    Does this look normal? Help!

    I was brushing my baby bun Umbreon (7 months Nov. 11) when I realized he was losing a lot of fur in his hip to the point of being bald. Once I saw all the hair loss I stopped brushing because it wouldn't stop coming all out and I don't want a naked bunny. Beside that he is a very healthy bun. Is...

    7 Month Old Female Rabbit Acting Aggressive Toward Other Rabbits.

    7 Month Old Female Rabbit Acting Aggressive Toward Other Rabbits. it was always the nicest rabbit we had on our farm. A few days ago it started and has not stoped yet. Rabbits rarely make sounds so we thought it was wired that he has making "snort / growl" sound when he's chasing other rabbits...
  17. Gigi34

    New first time bun Mom

    Firstly, Hello amazing bun parents or aunts, uncles, siblings, hell even friends 😊. I’d love to introduce myself aswell as my new baby rabbit Penny. I’m Gia and I have recently brought home a baby rabbit. (Today is day 4) Before conducting my own research I opted for trusting my local pet shop...
  18. claire24x7

    Bunny has been peeing outside litter box, possible UTI? Help!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here. My bunny Tiny is a year old and hasn’t been spayed yet. He’s usually pretty good about peeing in the litter box but I’ve noticed lately that he’s also been peeing outside the litter box, usually in a small amount. His behaviour is completely normal and...
  19. S

    Just moved apartments and need help to potty train my 2 years old rabbit - any suggestions?

    Hi all, I have just moved apartments with my 2 years old bunny, Bello. In my previous place, he was a free range rabbit and was allowed everywhere in the apartment. My new place is bigger and I have a roommate who is not so comfortable with bunny poop and pee. We have only been living these...
  20. BB03

    Cleaning scent glands!! HELP!!

    I have had my rabbits for about 2 years now, and rarely cleaned their scent glands because its HARD! May my oldest has scent glands that are just horrible. They smell like onions... When she was younger I cleaned them out, and let me tell you the situation was a disaster! Shes very sassy and...