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  • Mac189
    Mac189 replied to the thread Tips and Tricks at the Vet.
    This is a really neat guide that I found on another post and want to include on here for tips of when rabbit poop indicates it's time...
  • G
    Green2Rabbits replied to the thread Auto water system.
    Sounds like quite the setup for being temporary! Good going with the warning light also. My temporary setup is gravity feed lol.
  • G
    Green2Rabbits reacted to ai4px's post in the thread Auto water system with Like Like.
    This is my first post, thought I'd share.... I'm getting up to speed with my rabbitry and just plumbed up a water system with the...
  • Gus & Belle
    Sorry forgot to add this, the sessions that I did was in a big run ( in the neutral space) with lots of toys and tunnels that were easy...
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  • Mehidk
    Mehidk reacted to Blue eyes's post in the thread Should I get bun a harness? with Like Like.
    Jasmine, Blueberrie, and now Cookie. I thought you only had/ were only keeping 2 -- Jasmine and the baby.
  • Mehidk
    Mehidk reacted to Mac189's post in the thread Should I get bun a harness? with Like Like.
    The level of trust needed between a handler and leash train rabbit needs to be extraordinary. Willa and I built that trust for years...
  • Mehidk
    Mehidk reacted to Oceanie's post in the thread Should I get bun a harness? with Like Like.
    No offense, but based on your discriptions of Jasmine, she does not seem like a social rabbit. I don't know Jasmine like you do, but...
  • Mehidk
    Mehidk reacted to Mariam+Theo's post in the thread Should I get bun a harness? with Like Like.
    I don't think there is anything wrong with taking a social rabbit outside on a harness. Do not take a shy rabbit away from its home...
  • Mehidk
    Mehidk reacted to Gelly's post in the thread Super bloated with Like Like.
    Not having a rabbit savvy vet close by is very risky. Even if the vet is an hour away, that’s still doable. I’ve learned from this forum...
  • Mehidk
    Mehidk replied to the thread Small poops...what could it be?.
    Update today: her poops are still a little smaller than norm but nothing like the first day. There’s a few here and there that are more...
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  • Oceanie
    Oceanie replied to the thread Should I get bun a harness?.
    Okay, but you apparently still have your male rabbit, Cookie. And apparently he isn't neutered and Jasmine isn't spayed yet. You said...
  • jiminpimin
    jiminpimin replied to the thread Adoption Price (HELP).
    thank you ! Heard that rescue was very manipulative either ways so I'm seeking for a new rescue.
  • jiminpimin
    jiminpimin reacted to Mac189's post in the thread Adoption Price (HELP) with Like Like.
    That's pretty expensive, but I wouldn't say unreasonable for all the services they've given him and how much you save rather than doing...
  • Mac189
    Mac189 reacted to Augustus&HazelGrace's post in the thread Lionhead rabbit needs home!! with Like Like.
    Hey other soon to be college student here! I am bringing my rabbits with me to college. I see a psychologist and I have been diagnosed...