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  1. R

    Rabbit bonding Age Gap

    hello. I’m new here and I need help. Currently i have 2 bunnies. My first every pets and rabbits. R Female - April 2021 -> 11 months (spayed) S Female - April 2021 -> 4 months (waiting until around 6-7months to get spayed) Not siblings, no relations to each other. 1. I was wondering if it’s...
  2. Seth B

    How do I brush a rabbit that hates it?

    My bunny Mocha has started her 2nd molt scince I got her and she hates it when I brush her. I have tried doing everything that I know of but she still runs away from me when I brush her. I currently give her a papaya supplement every week or two to help with the hair but I really need to brush...
  3. MollyIsTall

    Jumping on my bed?

    Hi everyone. Archie LOVES to jump on my bed in the middle of the night. I'm thinking of buying an x-pen to put around my bed so he cant get up. ( he is free roam ). Normally I can find him in my bed around 2:00am and he likes to pee in my bed as well. I'm very scared of him being up there and I...
  4. EclipseTheLionhead

    Bunny Misbehaving? (ripping up carpet, chewing through cords, etc.)

    Hi everyone, So about a month ago, Eclipse and I with my boyfriend moved into our own apartment. We lived at my parents house for a while and she was always caged up 24/7, so I promised myself once we moved in I will let her free roam all day (because I felt so bad she didn't have enough room...
  5. H

    Bonded bunnies humping

    I have 2 rabbits they bonded well and have been bonded for around 5 months with no problems. When they first bonded Barry would hump Sally but this stopped pretty quickly. Over the past 2 days I noticed Barry humping Sally again but she was just taking it as usual. Now Barry is humping her to...
  6. C

    my rabbit is jerking his head and looks sad.

    i have a rabbit who is almost 2, but recently he has been acting weird. he keeps jerking his head when he flops. its not every time he flops but im growing concerned. can someone look at this video and try to help me with this ?? also , i only see him jerk his head when he is flopped by the...
  7. K

    Is my rabbit underweight??? Please help

    Hi my rabbits is almost 6 months and I was wondering if he is underweight can some e please help me
  8. K

    Any advice/help would be appreciated

    My young bunny has managed to get hold of my gel bead eye mask that I wear to bed. He's chewed it and although he's only chewed a tiny hole I'm scared he might of swallowed some of the beads. If he has do you think I should be extremely worried?
  9. Crazyclare

    New to pregnancy

    My rabbit may be pregnant im new to this if she is what can I use as a nesting box please and any advise regarding best foods she should be eating etc
  10. C

    Sick or tired?

    Hello, I have a rabbit that’s been lethargic but still eating hay when fresh hay is placed in the hay box and coming to us when we have a treat. She would only eat a bit though before going back to her spot to lay. Two days ago, I had introduced cucumbers (after reading that it’s safe). We’ve...
  11. B

    My Netherland Dwarf bunny refuses to let me pick her up

    Just a few days ago, I bought myself a 2 & a half month old netherland dwarf (female). She was held for a few hours the first day while taking her home and setting up her cage.. as well as by her original owners quite often. Ever since we placed her in her cage, she has refused to let us pet or...
  12. ashi_may

    A Relationship Gone Sour?

    Hello! Last September I rescued two young male rabbits, Binky a rex rabbit, and George a orange lion head (I’ve attached a picture of them cuddling together!) Upon adopting them I was told they had been bought for a young girl who had watched her old rabbit die, but she found having the two...
  13. Bugie78

    I need help trying to figure out how to let my rabbit roam free.

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I made a account on this forum specifically because I am stuck trying to figure out how to let my rabbit roam outside her cage. She has been in her cage a lot in her life. And before you say rabbits shouldn't be in cages, I know. Mom bought me Daisy (my rabbit) at a...
  14. Honeybunny.

    Litter box

    My rabbit is litter trained and at first he never pooped outside the box but he soon started to poop little around his box but mostly in it. Does anyone know why or how to stop it?