My rabbit is having severe behavioral problems. Any advice?

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Sep 8, 2022
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Delray Beach, Florida
My rabbit, Raisin has been destroying our house as of late. Before, she wasn’t as destructive but it’s been so bad to the point where the walls are being chewed (the paint being chipped off as well) and she’s been destroying/breaking expensive things. I don’t agree with putting a rabbit in a cage, but it was our last resort before we could figure something else out. Her ruining the house isn’t too much of a problem, we’re moving in December anyway (the house is going to be taken down and redone) and I plan to give her her own little area in the new house but for now we must make do. For a few days, she’s been in and out of the cage, relatively in the same room with a good amount of interactions from me. She’s seemed calmer overall, but today she was angrier than ever. When we took her out of the cage, she was very angry. Snorting loudly and trying to bite and even attack things close to her. She was grunting when food and water was being put in her cage as well. I figured she must be anxious after staying in the cage for too long so I let her roam around the room for a while, except she seemed to be getting angrier to the point where I had to where a glove over my hand to make sure she didn’t bite or scratch it when I picked her up. I put her back in the cage and I assume she needs to be left alone but I don’t know what to do. For a little extra information: she’s not spayed yet as she was too young when we first got her. I believe she’s around seven months now.


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Most likely cause, sexual frustration and hormones are now causing havoc in that little bunny body. She's at just the right age where they can start becoming hormonal and moody. So there is a good possibility that getting her spayed will help calm her down.

Until then, I would set up a pen so she has her own 'safe' area that she can be in when she is moody and wants to be left alone, as rabbits usually like to have something that is a safe, comfortable home base for them. It will also be good for her to have this area until you have a free roam area that is completely bunny proofed.

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