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  1. Redrabbit

    New to bonding

    First introduction/ bonding session... We put the cages close together, our rex (neutered buck) was thumping and burrowing and our lop (spayed doe) flopped and groomed herself. Eventually they both flopped. In each cage (they are each in a dog pen) we have water, food, towel and litter tray with...
  2. A

    Eye infection

    It’s been four days since Blondie has been put on antibiotic eye drop for her eye infection by her vet. I don’t see much of an improvement except that her eyelid isn’t swollen and her discharge has stopped. This is what her eye looks like and I don’t know what else to do. I had just put in the...
  3. M

    Rabbit Syphilis!?

    Hi, I'm Anna, and I've shown rabbits in 4H for 8 years now, but I've got a problem. Recently I decided to add a new breed of rabbit to my barn, Dwarf Hotots, and so far they've been nothing but trouble. My first dwarf hotot I bred to a doe someone else owned, and she had 3 babies. I took a doe...
  4. T

    Bunny passed away...

    I had a 6 month holland lop, her name was Berkeley. Berk and I did everything together, everything. She was my best friend, but my mom also enjoyed spending time with her. I’ve been bunny sitting another bunny named Snowball. My mom had Snowball and Berkeley in her office room with her, and...
  5. Crysti

    Safe Spot on Flea Treatment?

    I found out the hard way that the flea treatment I was using for my dogs wasn't working... :mad: I switched their spot on treatment and now they're all clear, but my poor little indoor bunny must've picked them up while the dogs still had them. What spot on treatment can I use for him? He's a...
  6. moppysan

    Rehome or keep my second bunny?

    Greetings! I come today with a need for advice. I recently adopted a bunny - Moppy, 11 months old now, Mini-Lop - who needed to desperately be rehomed from a craigslist ad. He is very sweet and I love him very much. This was about 3 months ago.Fast forward to about 1 month ago and my girlfriend...
  7. T

    Is this food okay?

    I went to this family owned pet shop across the road from me which is usually really good, cheap prices and good quality. But today I went over there to buy some rabbit food, I was in a rush because they were closing when I got there. I grabbed this food and when I got home I noticed there was...
  8. Emma Walker

    Help with bunny breed

    Hi, I have 3 baby bunnies however have no idea of their age (they’re sitting at around 400g currently. They have been weaned but are small - around the size of a guinea pig) or their breed. They’re from the same litter. Could anyone help me with identifying them at all?! Thank you in advance...
  9. Emma Walker

    Help with bunny breed

    Hi, I have 3 baby bunnies however have no idea of their age (they’re sitting at around 400g currently) or their breed. They’re from the same litter. Could anyone help me with identifying them at all?! Thank you in advance! The white faced grey is Winter, the dark grey and gold tipped is Fidget...
  10. S

    Help!!! My rabbit won’t stop spraying me

    Just under a month ago I adopted a 2 year old unneutered lion head rabbit. The last couple of weeks he decided he like to spray me and only me! What does this mean and how can I get him to stop? For context: he has a large cage in the room that we leave open, we rent a room in a house with dogs...
  11. Tabi

    Bunny stomping constantly at night

    Hi everyone! I just adopted my second bunny Pluto from the RSPCA, he has been introduced to my first bunny Luna and they get along super well and are already bonded! I've had him for roughly two weeks, he sleeps inside with Luna in my room, their area is 3m by 2m and they have everything a...
  12. tayler

    are my bunny poops healthy?

    his poops have always been a bit dark and soft and i never thought anything of it hes around 2-4 months and he eats alfalfa hay and about a cup of different greens a day im really concerned because i heard that bunny poops are supposed to be dryer and have chewed up hay in them but his dont just...
  13. allyxoxo

    Rabbits dug holes in carpet

    Hello! So my precious rabbits have dug up holes in the corners of the carpet in my apartment. I’ve been looking for ways to repair it so I don’t get charged for it when leaving in the next month and a half. Anyone have any suggestions how to fix it that isn’t super expensive? Thank you!
  14. B

    I need help with genetics

    Hi there I’m trying to learn basic genetics and I know each bunny has different genetics but if I were to breed a black tort to a harlequin what are the possible offspring??? Anything helps thanks :)
  15. B

    Severely dehydrated Bunny help pls

    I have 3 kits that will be 4 weeks on the 19th. I've had alot of trouble with the runt off and on this whole time. She will eat really good for a few days to a week and then will not want to barely eat. I'm feeding them goats milk with KMR added. The other 2 are gaining weight regularly and...
  16. Emily Christensen

    Help Rabbit Won’t Stop Peeing On Bed

    My rabbit (Holland lop) continuously pees on my bed. He’s 2 and a half and has been neutered for 2 years. In the past he would every once in a while but he randomly started acting up about a month ago and pees on my bed almost every time he’s out (every day)! My bed is their main play area...
  17. D

    Can you separate a bonded pair?

    I have a lovely house rabbit and we were so happy till I was told they needed to live in pairs. I love this rabbit and want it to be happy so I adopted another rabbit and went through weeks of working on getting them bonded. They get on really well together but the new rabbit has been an...
  18. Lucy&Vinny

    What bunny do I have?

    Hello I’ve recently bought a rabbit which I believed was a Netherland dwarf. He’s just under 10 weeks. Although, I’m not sure if he actually is that breed he seems a bit big and his ears are larger than pictures I’ve seen of other dwarfs. Would anybody be able to help me out by looking at...
  19. Crysti

    Picking Holland Lops for Breeding

    So I'm starting out breeding Holland Lops. I've done masses of research, grew up around lops and have a pet lop of my own, my mother bred briefly, etc... Long story short, I'm ready to begin but there's one thing I haven't found much info on and I'm looking for advice. With all I've read and...
  20. Floyd2019

    Heartbroken and in a tough spot, could use support and/or advice

    So i am mostly on here to vent because i have been posting a lot in the health and wellness thread about my sick bunny floyd. Today has been an awful day. I woke up to rabbit diarrhea all over his x pen and had to go to work while desperately trying to get an appointment with a vet. My rabbit...