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  1. D

    Rabbit not peeing.

    I got my 10 week old rabbit yesterday at around 2pm and she is eating her hay and pellets really well. She is also drinking really well but she hasn't peed at all since I got her, and it's been around 27 hours since I got her. Should I be concerned yet?
  2. Tofik the Bunny

    My bunny ate a pary of a hiacynty seed HELP!

    My bunny ate a little bit of hiacynth bulb leaves. It's been a week since then but i just learned that hiacynth ate toxic to bunnies do i'm kind of scared.
  3. T

    Blockage in my girl..

    Someone please help me out here. My mini lop rabbit hadn't been eating or pooping. Her stomach had a very hard patch, and was making quiet gurgling sounds when I was massaging her tummy. I was concerned and took her to the only vet available, he told me her stomach had a blockage. He gave her a...
  4. Miffythebun

    Is my rabbits diet okay?

    hello all I’ve researched a lot into rabbit diets and what greens they should be getting but I still don’t know if what I am giving him is right.. Wookiee is a lionhead/Rex and he gets fed twice a day- once in the morning and again before bed. Each time he gets a handful of nature’s touch hay...
  5. Xel

    Free Roaming to Caged

    Hi! I have two rabbits, Luna and Lucien, and they're free roaming rabbits. They have their own room for night time, but they've got a lot of space in their room. My fiance and I are buying a new house, and there isn't a good space (right now) for their room. We are buying a house with an extra...
  6. baobeithebuns

    help/advice pls

    i have 2 bunnies, about 17 and 16 weeks old.. i have had them since they have both 8 weeks. i never planned on getting 2 bunnies, but that’s another story. now i love both of them so much, but i’m not sure i want to keep my second bunny. i got a lion head first, because this is the same...
  7. Miffythebun

    2 Bunnies- should I keep them apart?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post ever on here so excuse me if I have put this up on the wrong place or anything just comment and I will sort that out ASAP! So.. I have a male bunny I bought in January and he is a lion head and his name is Wookiee (yes from starwars he looks like a Wookiee)...
  8. Zoe Franchino

    Need help with my show bunny

    Hi all! So about two months ago I picked up a bunny that I plan to use for 4H. He’s a two year old Netherland Dwarf buck, and has been shown before and done really really well in his classes. Tonight, for the first time ever, I picked him up and attempted to pose him. It didn’t go very well. He...
  9. Viera

    I need help with an indoor rabbit hutch I bought

    I just bought a new hutch for my rabbit. I'll give pics to help give an idea of it. I felt it would be nicer for her. She isnt afraid of using the ramp but she has a horrible time going up it and cant grip it AT ALL. She fell once and she lost a nail on it and I feel so horrible. I just moved...
  10. R

    How old is she?

    89666D22-6C6C-423F-B71E-E4CB1A9DA3CC by Rachel.2 posted Mar 24, 2019 at 4:12 PM7848735D-F5C8-40E9-BFB2-18C3FF589FC6 by Rachel.2 posted Mar 24, 2019 at 4:12 PM188592B6-DE86-4BA4-9C2B-DBBCE56CBB2C by Rachel.2 posted Mar 24, 2019 at 4:12 PM7144C4CC-5093-4352-8A8C-0CB47D1242DD by Rachel.2 posted Mar...
  11. J

    Help! Is this normal for a neuter??

    Hi everyone, I took my bunny, Ollie, into the vet this morning to be neutered. A few hours after I brought him home I noticed a small amount of blood and called the vet. She ensured me this was normal and I ended up getting him a cone as he was very interested in that area. However, it seems...
  12. M

    15 Day Old Bunnies (Feeding and Nest Questions)

    Hi there I am a new member and new bunny mom! I have recently adopted two bunnies one male named Beauford (Netherland Dwarf) and one female named Beatrice (Holland Lops)! The owners never notified me she was pregnant and I never really realized the signs she was showing until she gave birth...
  13. T

    What are possible breeds of my bunny? How to bond?

    I have recently rescued a rabbit a few months ago. When I adopted him, they had very little information for me about him such as his age, breed, and even temperament since he was not with the shelter for very long. What they gave me was: They had guessed he was about a year and half (full...
  14. Khloe power

    I need help

    Hi my male rabbit recently escaped his pen while two of my females (Afana,Mia) were roaming around and I I think one or both might be pregnant. The problem is Afana and Mia live in the same pen as my third female (Zenith) and are bonded,I really don’t want to have to separate them and I don’t...
  15. Rachel Hill

    Is this Bad????

    I've had Grey (Male//Lionhead) for about 6 months and I just adopted Millie (Female//Dutch) about 2 weeks ago. Is it bad that I have my cages set up so they can see and smell each other? I have to keep them separated for a while until Grey gets neutered at the beginning of next month, but I want...
  16. Rachel Hill

    What Breed Are My Bunnies?

    Both of my bunnies were surrendered and I was never told what kind they were. Grey is the white one and Millie is the other. Can anyone help me out? It would be greatly appreciated!
  17. K

    How should I feed?

    Hi, I am getting ready to own a rabbit and have a question. I was wondering if the feeding guidelines (link to feed and pictures included) are for if you are feeding vegetables too because I am. I had plans to do 2 tbsp(1/8 cup)of pellets in the morning and 2 cups of vegetables at night (rabbit...
  18. N

    HELP !!

    I have a 6 year old Florida white rabbit and today I gave him a bath because his fur had gotten really muddy from our walk,at first he was fine with it but then he started to really stress out and started trying to jump out of the tub and it seemed like he couldn’t stop pooping so I took him out...
  19. DracoDon

    Help! My Mama senses are in disarray!

    So today my bf and i were watching a movie. He knocked over a glass of 11% wine which had some vodka 40% in it. Some splashed on my bun because he was an awkward position. It spilt on the mat and my bun, Tubby. The environment was cleaned and stabilized. I spot cleaned my bun with a wet cloth...
  20. Nelsoj39

    Bunny turned aggressive

    So recently my bunny, Molly turned aggressive. She has been spayed and we’ve had her for over a year now. She was very timid when we first got her but we gained her trust and she turned into a sweet bun who would always follow me around. But for the past month she’s turned aggressive! I think it...