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  1. Maki_p29

    Help I think my rabbit ate some treated willow basket

    I had gone out of the room for just one moment to come back and see my rabbit hanging out around a willow wicker basket in the room. They ran when I came closer. (Their Hay bag is also around this area of the room). But I noticed some bite marks on the willow wicker basket when I came close. My...
  2. EclipseTheLionhead

    Rabbit had kits. Help!

    Yesterday Eclipse had diarrhea, with force feeding her hay and pellets its cleared up abit (not fully back to normal, not big and round like they used to be). Last night I was hanging out with her and she attacked me. This wasn't like her so I check her dig box and I see SIX BABY KITS THAT...
  3. L

    please help rabbit ate chocolate

    so i went to get something from my bathroom and i went back into my room and my rabbit had gotten onto my bed and ate about an ounce (1 square?) of chocolate from an easter egg, it was lindt chocolate if that helps. i immediately took him away from it and put it out of reach. i feel horrible...
  4. EclipseTheLionhead


    This morning I woke up and went to pick up Eclipse. For the last few days she haven't been her normal full of live self. I've been thinking she's probably pregnant because she has been making nests. And well I checked her bottom because I smelled something really bad. Her whole bottom and tail...
  5. M

    I don’t know the color???

    My holland lop gave birth almost 2 months ago and she has a baby that was pink with blue spots at birth and now he is what looks like an orange color but with blue markings on his nose and ears and I can’t tell his color at all. If he was orange he wouldn’t have blue I would think. He’s not dark...
  6. Reese'sMom

    Rabbit Keeps Jumping On Desk

    So I'd like to start by saying that I saw there was a similar post or "thread" about this. I didn't know if I'd get like a response as it was from 2008. All right so the problem: My 9 month old French Lop (Reese) keeps jumping on to my desk. Its 3.5 feet tall and she'll jump from the floor...
  7. K

    Help bonding please !

    Hi I’m Kc I recently bought my first pair of unbonded buns I have a small short hair bun and a medium lion head, they are different sizes and I am looking for help in the bonding process I have a start cage and a medium sized dog pen. I leave the cage door open and the pen is blocking off my...
  8. The craziest bunny lady

    My Baby has Matting to the Skin 😱

    Hello all you bunny lovers out there. I am new to the site so excited to have other bunny lovers to get some advice and convos with. My Girlfriends call me the crazy bunny lady as I am obsessed with my bunnies. I have enclosed my back yard from top of neighbouring fence to roof gutter with...
  9. Maki_p29

    Help with wound healing on my bunny

    I need help! Took my bunny to the vet for a regular treatment ( they get acupuncture done for their chronic bladder sludge) and while they were there I decided it would be best for them to shave her belly for me( they usually do a bikini shave for my bunny, she is a big girl and has trouble...
  10. Ytyiope

    My bunny after giving bith is somehow fat and not hungry!! Help! (RIP)

    I live in Salvador, Brazil. There isn't a specializated vet for bunnies or a vet that understand about bunnies bodies at all! That why I'm seeking help online!! My bunny, Nina gave birth recently, 6 healthily bunnies, but I think she' s having a problem, after she gave birth her stomach is...
  11. Seth B

    How do I brush a rabbit that hates it?

    My bunny Mocha has started her 2nd molt scince I got her and she hates it when I brush her. I have tried doing everything that I know of but she still runs away from me when I brush her. I currently give her a papaya supplement every week or two to help with the hair but I really need to brush...
  12. I

    Rabbit made weird hard gel substance

    Hey! ( first time posting on here too btw ) I woke up today to check in on my rabbit as usual and found some weird stuff in her cage. I can kinda tell one of them is poop but it’s still all mushed around. could it be diarrhea? The other thing is more clear/yellowish. It’s also a gel like...
  13. C

    Out of my depth! Kit not getting enough milk

    Hi all, firstly I hope I'm posting this in the correct thread. But my doe gave birth to 2 babies 5 days ago, it was an accidental pregnancy and I'm very out of my depth and so unprepared. I've been checking in on them a couple times a day cause I am very anxious it feels like they're my own kids...
  14. H

    My rabbit hurt her leg

    My rabbit is 9 months old and she caught her leg on her cage. She got herself free before I could do anything. She hopped behind her cage (for privacy I think) and just stayed there for a while. She would move to the other side of the cage too. After an hour she began to move around and eat and...
  15. EclipseTheLionhead


    So today some family members came over to my home, unfortunately they didn't tell me they were going to bring their dog. I wasn't in the room at the time that they came in so I didn't fully see the accident but as soon as the dog saw my bunny, the dog starting to chase my bunny (my bunny is free...
  16. M

    Whining noises during sleep

    Hi everyone! My little 6 year old netherland dwarf boy Onyx has been making some funny noises during his sleep. He is behaving 100% normally otherwise, if not the happiest he has been! We just moved house and he is free range and has the largest area so far to run around in and loves it. He...
  17. Allen Wrider

    Grooming Suggestions??? Allergies Out of Control!

    My lovely Florida White, Quinn, has graced me with an intense shed coming out of this winter. Her carpets get absolutely COVERED in fur, and picking her up is like signing a death warrant for my nose. I try to brush her with the HairBuster comb I bought on recommendation from the local HRS, but...
  18. image.jpg


    this is my first post on here i noticed this little ball on my mini rexs lip today. it’s really hard almost like a scab. What is it?!
  19. K

    Belly Pressing?

    Hi! My bun is eating, and drinking and pooping but I had just noticed him twice within 5 minutes sort of stretch out, and arch his back but inwards like pressing towards the ground, i’m unsure if this is belly pressing or just him stretching!?
  20. bunvinni

    Please help figure out breed!

    Hi! I'm a new bunny owner and I just got my first baby. His vet visit isn't scheduled until next week so i'm not even sure of the gender and definitely not the breed... he's VERY tiny and the fur is longer than i've seen in pictures of rexes His one ear flops down to the side a lot so someone...