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  1. EclipseTheLionhead

    New Bunny Not Eating... HELP!

    Hi I need some help here! I Just got a new Lion-head bunny today that is only 3 months old. This is my first time ever getting a rabbit. We just got home with her after about an hour or so drive and she isn't eating anything. I placed her in the cage and she just went to the straight litter box...
  2. A


    Hi guys!! So at the moment I am trying to bond my three mini-lops; a male 1y 1m and two girls 7m. All are neutered. They are all outside rabbits. Our male we got first, we got him desexed at 6m and then bought a huge shed and run as we intended to adopt a girl bunny that was at our local rspca...
  3. toyabrooke

    Safe Mite Treatment for 7 Week Old Baby Lop

    Hi everyone, We have a 7 week old lop (his mum passed away when he was 5.5 weeks old, which is why we have him so young), and I have just noticed since bringing him home 2 days ago that he has mites. Everywhere online says that you can only use flea treatments after 8 weeks so I have two...
  4. J

    LED lights and bunnies

    I’m getting a bunny rather soon and in the room I want to keep her I have strip LED lights used as the primary lighting in the room. Should I be worried about these lights hurting her eyes or causing any discomfort? For reference, these are the lights I have...
  5. H

    What breed is my male bunny?

    I bought my bunny Barry at 8 weeks and was told he was a Lionhead and Lop cross, however he doesn’t have the usual characteristics or physical attributes from those breeds, he is amazing and I love him regardless but I would like if someone could give me some ideas of his breed 😊
  6. H

    Cut on nose

    Was putting the bunny back in her hutch today from the garden and she leapt out of my arms. She seemed fine and carried on playing but when I put her back in the hutch I noticed she was bleeding a tiny bit around the nose. I stroked her and she didn’t seem shocked or bothered and then came back...
  7. Elys1

    Can i put an un neutered buck with a neutered buck, or should i wait?

    I have recently got a Netherlands dwarf buck who’s currently 12 weeks But as he is a dwarf the vet has said that he cannot be neutered untill he is 6 months due to his size; i am looking to bond him with my 1 year old french lop buck who is already neutered. Could i begin to bond them yet or...
  8. Elys1

    Can i bond my neutered buck with my new un neutered buck or should i wait?

    I have recently got a Netherlands dwarf buck who’s currently 12 weeks But as he is a dwarf the vet has said that he cannot be neutered untill he is 6 months due to his size; i am looking to bond him with my 1 year old french lop buck who is already neutered. Could i begin to bond them yet or...
  9. BunnyHunny17

    Decisions Decisions

    So I have a dilemma. My Fiancé and I are moving out in August to our own apartment (if we get the offer, which we've been told by multiple people in charge of housing there that we are very likely to be offered an apartment.) We both have really bad anxiety and depression and need an emotional...
  10. A

    help with advice! RABBIT TRIO BONDING

    Hey guys! so my two female mini lops got spayed yesterday, which means we can start the bonding process properly in a few weeks. I need some advice with one particular area. My boy bunny lives in a huge hutch and run, which is where we are planing on having them all live once bonded. We have a...
  11. Novabunbun15

    GI Stasis

    HELP!! My bunny was diagnosed with Gi Stasis today from the vet after not eating or drinking and barely moving for about 12 hours. They gave us pain meds and CC to syringe feed her but she won’t take the syringe!! Her tummy is very bloated already so it’s hard to mover her plus she already...
  12. Maki_p29

    Help! Bunny has bladder sludge!

    I’ve been trying to treat my bunny at the vet. She has a bad bout of bladder sludge( it’s been a chronic on going problem for a few years now) with a bit of GI Stasis. Her usual vet is not in on week days since the Covid virus outbreak and a different vet that has never dealt with my bunny...
  13. P

    Head tilting! Help please

    I noticed that my young bunny ( 4-5 weeks old) has been eating strangely. While eating pellets (only pellets, doesn’t seem to be happening while eating hay) she tilts her head up and to the right while chewing. Is this normal in baby bunnies or does she have tooth problem already or neurological...
  14. M

    What breed is my rabbit?

    Hello, i recently rescued my first rabbit a couple months ago and am confused at what breed he is. Hes a small- medium rabbit weighing just over 3 pounds. Any ideas would be amazing. Thank you guys :)
  15. B

    Newborns not taking food!

    I have two healthy baby bunnies i recently rescued, and they are feeding on formula. Currently, their eyes are still closed, but they have fur and im assuming they are a couple days old. This is their 4th day with us and they just suddenly stopped eating. They pick at the milk, but it is more...
  16. Humphrey&Olive

    Is my bunny in pain?

    Hi everyone, my 18 month old rabbit Humphrey used to flop on his side all the time, or stretch out and just get comfortable. For the last few months he only ever sits in the loaf position, he is eating and pooping fine but I’m just worried. I know it sounds like a daft question but do they just...
  17. T

    sick bunny????

    hi guys this is my 4 month mini lop. it just came to my attention that there may be discharge around his nose. i was never worried when i saw it because i feed him a lot of greens and he’s all white but now i noticed it’s not so much green. he sneezes and i thought it’s pretty normal but other...
  18. P

    Found a bunny

    I found a bunny on my beach, it’s not a baby but it’s not full grown. It’s back legs don’t work and it’s missing a lot of hair on his back legs. The skin is like pealing off of it. Anyone know what to do?
  19. R

    Baby bunny going backwards

    Hey! So my Lionhead doe gave birth 9 days ago... she had 6 babies but I pulled the nest because 4 of them froze after they fell out after feeding. I’ve been bringing mom in everyday at the same time to feed. Now her babies started out healthy, the 2 that I have are not growing, they are bony and...
  20. R

    Bunny makes pain noises while sleeping?

    Hello, I made this account immediately, and I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread. But basically, my bunny has been making those loud painful sounds whenever he lays down. It does go away, but it'll come back. This has been happening since around Easter. He got an eye injury (we got drops for...