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  1. J

    Bunny ate popary (poppare) fake plant thing

    1530321549361-1802761087 by Jennifer Rodriquez posted Jun 29, 2018 at 9:19 PM Just a couple of minutes ago my bun decided he wanted to go into my hall way and take a piece of the long Branch flower thing and eat it. It was a very small piece but I am so worried. It's fake and I don't know if he...
  2. M

    Help! Wild rabbits nest in yard

    so yesterday my brother and I discovered a rabbits nest in our yard... only because my dog found it first and got one in his mouth, and well, I’ll let you figure the rest out. He messed up the nest a bit but I was able to put it back together and I fenced it off so he cant stick his nose in and...
  3. Trinity VanNornam

    Broken leg

    I have rabbit with a broken leg and I bet wrapped it myself to help him heal and I was wondering if anyone knew how long it took to heal a broken leg
  4. harleswirl

    Rabbit nodule? Falling off? Help

    Hello!!! I'm Harley and I just made an account solely to ask about my 4 month old bunny Clover. She's healthy and was vaccinated a little while ago. Just an hour ago a perfect spot of fur on her nose just fell off! She shows no pain, is destroying my books and running rampant as usual! There's...
  5. M

    how long can i leave her alone?

    hello! i just adopted a new rabbit who is being spayed and i won’t get her till around wednesday to thursday. not even thinking about it we forgot about our 48 hour trip we will have away from the bunny. should i be concerned about leaving her alone so soon after being spayed?
  6. M

    Sore on back and lots of hairloss, please help

    Hello, our 4 year old male rabbit is shedding his hair, which is normal as the season is changing here. However when brushing him today I noticed a bald patch with a red sore. I will try and upload some pics. We keep him inside in his cage over night and when the weather is dry and warm enough...
  7. I

    Lazy Bun or medical problem?

    So I have a bunny, I'm not too sure of his breed, he's a Californian mix of some sort. Anyways, the past couple of months I've noticed that he lets his bottom get very dirty. It is matted poop, and I have to carefully cut it off. It doesn't take very long for it to get matted back in. I have...
  8. B

    Need an experienced rabbit vet asap near west Bloomfield mi. For a bad head tilt

    Please can anyone help me find a experienced vet for my rabbit with a severe head tilt and closed Eye. He has only been put on Baytril by vet. We live near west Bloomfield MI. But will drive a little ways maybe up to an hour away if neeed. This is very time sensitive. I need to get him in right...