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  1. Haru the Lionhead


    HELP!! The vet said it’s just a wound and it will heal, she keeps biting it. I showed the picture to someone that has a rabbit and told her that when I touch her back I still feel like there’s a bump but when I look at it it doesn’t look infected or anything, it’s just the wound, there is no...
  2. Haru the Lionhead


    I always see haru turn her face to her back and nods her head, I can’t really see if she’s licking herself or biting. I have never questioned it because I have always thought that she was grooming herself. Today i took her to the vet to cut her nails, and I asked him about the thing that was on...
  3. Haru the Lionhead

    My rabbit got wet

    Hello guys, today haru went inside her cage, the water from her bowl spilled alot and it was everywhere, she sat on the water and got wet, when i saw her I tried to move her and she refused. I cleaned the cage but I couldn’t dry her, i put the towel and i put veggies on top of it, and when she...
  4. bellathebouncingbun

    Cost of front teeth removal

    Hi everyone 🙂 I made a really bad decision of buying a bunny from a lady I knew of through a friend. My previous bunny has been put down recently and I was feeling lonely but also ready to move on and give love to a new rabbit. Her name is Lola and she’s a female lionhead and is so gorgeous...
  5. B

    Looking for help to re-home my buns

    I've had my (and family) two rabbits for almost two months now and everyone but me have completely lost interest in caring for the buns. I can no longer handle the stress between looking after the buns by myself and doing online school so I've sadly decided that I want to give away. I love them...
  6. Haru the Lionhead

    Barking-like noises

    What does the barking sound mean?I tried looking it up and I didn’t know what it’s called. When I first got her cage i was fixing it and there was alot of noises and she made that sound, I thought that she was scared. The second time she was in the cage and i was cleaning her litter box and that...
  7. Haru the Lionhead

    Nail cutting techniques

    Today i bought nail clippers, her nails are getting kind of long. I don’t really know what is the right length but its as long as my nails now. I can’t really see them I just touched them. I don’t know how to cut them, I know how to cut nails but I don’t really know how to keep her still. I’m...
  8. Haru the Lionhead

    Is my bunny sick?

    Hellos guys, haru has been sitting in this position alot lately, and whenever i pet her head i can hear her teeth grinding, is that her relaxing and enjoying it or is she in pain?
  9. Haru the Lionhead

    Litter box

    How do you guys set up your litter box?i saw a video and they said i can put a pee pad and hay over it and that’s it, and I’ve been doing that and it works fine. Today i saw a video of someone cleaning the litter box, it was the same, pee pad and hay, but the hay was on one side and the pee and...
  10. Haru the Lionhead

    what brand should i get?

    Hello guys, ever since i got haru I’ve been looking for the best hay I could find. The first one I don’t remember the brand name but it was VERY dusty, and after that I’ve been buying burgess excel, I tried the long stem one, the one with dandelion, and another one I also forgot what it was, I...
  11. Haru the Lionhead

    Bunny barking..

    Hello, 40 minutes ago I posted about my bunny circling🙂. I thought that she wanted food but no.. Almost three weeks ago i got her a new litter box and since then she had only peed inside. But this week she peed three times outside of the litter box, Her litter started to smell, and the circling...
  12. E

    Need help!! How long do I need to wait??

    First time posting, hopefully this is within guidelines. my wife and I purchased a new home this summer. About 6-7 weeks ago, a horrible thing happened. I was walking through our grass (which was pretty thick) and accidentally stepped on a baby bunny. He did not make it. This has haunted me, to...
  13. Haru the Lionhead

    eye mucus

    Guys haru’s eye got clear mucus in it, like in the middle of the eye. She had it one month ago but on the other eye and I posted a picture of it before. Now it’s much less and it doesn’t appear in pictures and I can’t really see it unless I look closely. Is that normal?her eye looks matt. last...
  14. Haru the Lionhead

    Bunny grooming

    I have a question, how can you guys brush your rabbit! As I said before, haru hates it and as soon as she sees the brush she runs like crazy. I can only brush her when she’s sleeping or resting, and i can only brush the fur that is on my side, and only for 5 minutes maybe. So I’ve been brushing...
  15. M

    Rabbit third eyelid showing and a bit swollen

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and came here in need of advice and guidance. So my pet rabbit just turned 6 years old and two days ago I noticed that is third eyelid was showing (something I never noticed him doing) the eyelid in is right eye seamed normal but in the other eye was a bit...
  16. Chloe Duwelius

    no cooperation with potty training!

    Hi! Powder got spayed about a month ago. After she recovered, I made her a litter box and began her free roaming journey around my bedroom. But, she just doesn't get it. She poops where she pleases. I clean them up right when I see them, and I show her me putting them in her litter box, hoping...
  17. Haru the Lionhead


    Guys how can mites or any other insects get to the rabbit? because i don't have any other pets in my house and i never touch other pets. she went to 3 different vets four times in the past 3 weeks and also she got her fur trimmed two weeks ago. last vet visit was on Sunday and she was okay till...
  18. Haru the Lionhead

    Litter training

    How do you litter train your rabbit?I watched every YouTube video and it is not working. She thinks that the litter box is her bed.. she eats and poops and sleeps there, but when she wants to pee she gets out of it, pee outside, then gets back on it. Also when she pees she sticks beside her pee...
  19. Haru the Lionhead

    Second bunny

    Hello guys, I got a bunny almost three weeks ago, and we’re thinking of getting her a sister so she can have fun with. Is that okay?is it better to get a second bunny now?or should I wait longer?or is it better not to get a new one at all?I don’t want her to get lonely or bored that’s why I...
  20. Haru the Lionhead

    Wet nose

    What does clear nose discharge look like and what does it mean?can i see it?because I don’t see anything on her nose but when I touch it it’s damp and I don’t know if it’s from her nose or if she licked it or maybe from the water bottle