Barking-like noises

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Sep 9, 2020
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Middle east
What does the barking sound mean?I tried looking it up and I didn’t know what it’s called. When I first got her cage i was fixing it and there was alot of noises and she made that sound, I thought that she was scared. The second time she was in the cage and i was cleaning her litter box and that was last week, I thought that maybe this was a territorial behavior. But the day after that she was resting on the floor, no one was home other than me, i wasn’t close to her, I didn’t move or touch anything but she made that sound. And today she was in the kitchen, no one was close to her and we weren’t doing anything but she did it again. And after that, my mom was fixing the pee pad on the litter box and she sat inside thinking that my mom had put more hay, she didn’t find the hay so she did it again. I’m confused, does it mean anything?because each time is in a very different situation.

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