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  1. DennisGracie

    Urgent advice please 🐰 poo issues

    Sorry if formatting is wrong - this is my first post here. so the last few weeks my rabbit Dennis has been leaving marks behind where he sits and eats his cecotropes (see pics below). We’ve been to the vet 3 times about this (Taylor vets), and saw 3 different vets who have all given different...
  2. Bcwildex

    Help gendering rabbit?

    Hi! I posted here a few months ago after my rabbit had a litter, for help with gendering and the replies I received were very helpful! I decided to keep one of the bunnies, and now he is now just over 4 months old — however I’ve been keeping an eye on him and his testicles do not appear to...
  3. M

    Please help- my two lovely Mini Lop bunnies have both died suddenly!

    My bunnies are my life and I loved them so much! They had never shown signs of being unhealthy, unhappy or stressed. Their death was immediate and unexpected and I have no clue what could've happened. Pixie (my girl bunny) died two days ago at 11 months. She was given to me by my Aunt who...
  4. Garett

    Reoccurring possible uti?

    Hey there! so my one rabbit Navi is 3 years old and has been having issues since last November with a UTI, we treated with baytril and she was good for a while. Then in January and February she had to be treated again. ( when I’ve taken her to the vet they have done a free catch urine analysis...
  5. H

    Rabbit having rapid mood shifts

    So for starters, I have a sensory processing disorder which comes in pretty heavy in this I guess questions? Recently my rabbit Angel (rescued, spayed, was bonded before her friend passed in August of last year, was attempted to be bonded again with my second rabbit Apollo (neutered with splay...
  6. J

    My rabbit took off his stitches

    So my Bun got neutered 4 days ago. Today I took off his e-collar for him to eat his food. And he took off his stitches. The wound was already closed and no blood is oozing from there. Is it bad ? Is there gonna be any issue? Because of some sudden COVID restrictions I can't take him to the vet...
  7. Breebrebun

    Please help. My bunny died so suddenly ))):

    Hey guys, I joined this group because I had just lost my bunny ): she passed away Saturday night suddenly Friday night I noticed she wasn’t being her excited self and was sort of leaning her head to the left I noticed her eye was shut…so I sat there with her for a while ,gave her some pets...
  8. R


    My rabbit has not been eating her pellets. The brand is BMEG integra 3000, which is a multianimal pellet brand in the philippines. She stopped eating them since last month but is continuously eating hay and I'm giving her fresh veggies like romaine lettuce and fruits like apples. I've been think...
  9. A

    Vaccination help needed

    I have a doe who I adopted off of a family who didn’t really know how to care for her, I tried to ask for as much detail on her vaccines and whether she has had them or not but the family didn’t speak a lot of English… and were unable to give me proper detail. Therefore I’m not sure whether she...
  10. P

    Bunny Having weird poop and dropping cecotropes! Urgent help please!

    I have a baby bunny, indian rabbit, it is slightly on the thinner side however i have taken her to vet and she told that she is fine. Two or three days back a strange incident happened. In the afternoon she genrally releases cecotropes and eats them, however before releasing she is dropping...
  11. S

    Abandoned baby

    Hi I had found that my grandparents rabbit had had babies again (she currently has ones that are about 1-2 months old) but 3 were dead and one off to the side alive. I took him home and started feeding him di vetalac and he has been doing well. He just made it through his 3rd night so I was...
  12. R

    New Holland Lop Color Help

    Hello!! I recently got back into holland lops, and picked up a pair of sisters from a breeder in PA. They are both pedigreed, but pet quality. I have had them going on two weeks now, and the pattern/color of one has changed drastically since purchasing, and I was wondering if you guys might be...
  13. B

    Rescue Squeaking or Sneezing?

    Hey everyone, We noticed a recue we have had for 2 years seems to be Squeaking now. She seems calm but we are just worried about what it means.
  14. G

    Pls help with month and a half old bunny care

    Hello I was gifted a new 1 & 1/2 month old bunny. This is my first time taking care of a bunny so I need your help. Listed are the things I do and know about rabbits so please give suggestions or correct anything. I take him to my room everyday to roam around but at night i keep him caged in...
  15. J

    Bunny jumped out of arms… dont know what to do

    I was just putting my bunny away, and he jumped out of my arms (im 5’4 but was crouched down ab to put him in the cage) and hit his head on the top of his cage. The cage we have from him opens from the top and side (i was putting him away through the top). Watched him for a few minutes after- he...
  16. M

    Bunny chewed dewlap off, help please.

    Hello everyone, my bunny Luke is about 17 months old. She usually has a big dewlap. Well last night she pulled out her dewlap and I noticed a patch of skin under her chin, now granted the last time she did this I didn’t look under her chin. I was wondering is this normal or should we be...
  17. Maki_p29

    Black lumpy wart?

    I was just petting my bunny around her eyes and noticed this hard crusty thing in her fur and on further examination it appears to be a raised, bumpy, black wart like growth. I will post pictures below. has anyone had experience with such a thing? Any suggestions of what could be happening?
  18. ZeepWon

    Wet Brown Chin

    My rabbit YangYang has a brown wet spot on her chin. I noticed it yesterday night (10/12) and thought it was dry this morning but when I got back from class it was worse. The two pictures I added are from today (10/13). I am a fist time bunny owner and don’t know what to do. I’m trying to get...
  19. Rambobunny

    Is this normal?

    I previously posted about my vet giving my rabbit xeno 450 for parasites after lots of itchiness and some head shaking. She did a check on his ears and said they looked healthy with no signs of infection or ear mites and did a skin sample but couldn’t see any mites. I gave his first dose last...
  20. jess 1993

    need help to re bond grumpy buns!!

    after a trip to the vets our 2 girl bunnies fell out with each other - they use to love each other very much and were best friends but now i can’t get them to be like that again! poppy - who had the illness and was kept inside until she was better again, is now extremely scared of pumpkin...