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  1. Maki_p29

    Black lumpy wart?

    I was just petting my bunny around her eyes and noticed this hard crusty thing in her fur and on further examination it appears to be a raised, bumpy, black wart like growth. I will post pictures below. has anyone had experience with such a thing? Any suggestions of what could be happening?
  2. ZeepWon

    Wet Brown Chin

    My rabbit YangYang has a brown wet spot on her chin. I noticed it yesterday night (10/12) and thought it was dry this morning but when I got back from class it was worse. The two pictures I added are from today (10/13). I am a fist time bunny owner and don’t know what to do. I’m trying to get...
  3. Rambobunny

    Is this normal?

    I previously posted about my vet giving my rabbit xeno 450 for parasites after lots of itchiness and some head shaking. She did a check on his ears and said they looked healthy with no signs of infection or ear mites and did a skin sample but couldn’t see any mites. I gave his first dose last...
  4. jess 1993

    need help to re bond grumpy buns!!

    after a trip to the vets our 2 girl bunnies fell out with each other - they use to love each other very much and were best friends but now i can’t get them to be like that again! poppy - who had the illness and was kept inside until she was better again, is now extremely scared of pumpkin...
  5. Rambobunny

    Help with ear scab/scratching

    I’ve had Rambo now for about a month now who we keep as a free roaming indoor bunny. I noticed he was scratching a lot and recently shaking his head. I took him to the vets two days ago and they checked his ears and took a skin sample but couldn’t find any mites and said his ears looked healthy...
  6. rcordeiro

    Chipped tooth?!

    I was giving my little guy a dried fruit treat and noticed he was acting like his mouth was bothering him. I was able to take a quick peek at his teeth and found this. he does not seem to be in any pain but he keeps washing his face. Our vet is closed until the morning but I’m just so worried 😭
  7. L

    PLEASE HELP - Ear infection in bunny

    Hi, My bunny Mimi just turned 5. She was diagnosed with a middle ear infection in her left ear and an outer ear infection in her right ear. I have been administering penicillin everyday for the past 3 months and she has not improved nor gotten worse, which I think is good. She has facial...
  8. claire24x7

    Bunny has been peeing outside litter box, possible UTI? Help!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here. My bunny Tiny is a year old and hasn’t been spayed yet. He’s usually pretty good about peeing in the litter box but I’ve noticed lately that he’s also been peeing outside the litter box, usually in a small amount. His behaviour is completely normal and...
  9. Maki_p29

    My rabbit ate plastic bag please help!

    My bunny was very jumpy/active over night in her cage and decided to bite a bit of a plastic garage bag that was near her cage. I tried to get her off it but she was very determined to bite/eat this one quarter sized piece of the thick plastic garbage bag. she ate a lot of hay right after. I...
  10. BunRabit

    3 month old bunnies need a home in Pennsylvania!!

    Hey everyone. I rescued three babies a little while ago from being snake food. They were all born May 5th and are all boys. They are decently litter trained (no pee anywhere but litter box), and are very sociable. So above is Norman. Such a sweet bunny. He is the smallest of the three Above is...
  11. M

    Help! Rabbit not eating (seems to have gas)

    Buttercup is over two years old and he hasn’t been eating for the past few hours. He refuses everything we give him, even pellets and banana (his favourites). We tried feeding him Ovol drops but nothing is working. He’s laying around and stretching a lot. Sometimes he runs around for a bit and...
  12. C

    Sprained or Fractured?

    Hi I have a rabbit who 2 days ago hurt her front paw I think by landing in the wrong position since she was startled by some noise. She still walks using the paw but when she stands she lifts it up. I’m worried can anyone answer? Taking her to the vet would be expensive but any thoughts is...
  13. O

    Bunny sick after Neuter

    Hi there! So my rabbit Lauritz was neutered 3 days ago, but now he doesn’t want to eat anything, not even snacks. His stomach is growling and he just seems so depressed, I really don’t know what to do because I don’t have enough money this month to take him to the vet to get checked since just a...
  14. A

    URGENT ADVICE NEEDED Bunny Rehome Help

    Hi guys! I need some advice urgently. I have three buns, all desexed and bonded. 2 females (1yr 6months) and 1 male (2yrs). In my neighbourhood, there’s another mini lop that needs rehoming. The owner has four bunnies, two girls and the two boys, none of which desexed. She’s trying to get rid...
  15. M

    Picky 15 week old

    I got my bunny at a petstore (I have no shelters close to where I live) that sadly didn't really give their rabbits hay. Now she doesn't eat any hay at all. But I've been hesitant to take away pellets since she was underweight when I got her. I have tried: Rabbits salad sprinkled into her...
  16. Tim.Coates

    Why has my neutered rabbit of 7 years started humping and spraying again?

    We have had a bonded pair of rabbits (Ani(M) & Obi(F)) for 7 years. They were both neutered/spayed long ago. In the last 2 years Ani has started spraying again, and not a small amount. It makes cleaning their pen much more difficult than it used to be. This spring he has just started trying to...
  17. K


    Hi i just got home and I check my bunnies poop every jight and this has never been seen before I have no idea if i’m making this post in the right area so i’m so sorry i’m frantic right now and so worried I found this in his poop and I cant figure out what bugs they are or what and if this is...
  18. E

    My rabbit mutilated my bird

    Rabbit has been with me 3 years, speyed female. She has full access to hay 24-7, fed a bowl of greens every night and lots of treats, including outside time in a large, enclosed backyard every few days. I love her a lot but I don't know how to feel about her now, she was in my room with my...
  19. b.tate

    Can bunny's drink tea?

    Hi all, I had a bunny pass away from gastro as he became dehydrated. I have seen one of my bunnies has a bit of a runny tummy and now I'm freaking out about her becoming dehydrated! She is drinking and eating fine, maybe I am just being over dramatic. I saw online that if you would like to get...
  20. b.tate

    Weeing on the couch, only when I am not home!

    Hi all, would really appreciate some help with this one. I have tried all the advice I have read about washing the area as soon as I see it, she has her own litter box which she does use. In general she is great with only using her litter box, that is until I leave my apartment. I get back and...