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  1. magicicada

    Bonding tips?

    Hello! I’m a new user and adopted my rabbits recently! My first bunny is Fargo, she’s under a year, spayed, dwarf lion head mix. I adopted her in October from a co-worker’s sister and she and I have really hit it off. About a month ago, I adopted an unaltered male (Californian I think? He was...
  2. NKS

    Your advice re adopting second bunny

    Hi everyone! My family adopted a bunny from a shelter in August - we love her and she's thriving. We're strongly considering getting her a companion. We know it's best to let them "meet" a few other bunnies, but with COVID it's a challenge. Do you have advice on picking a second bunny in this...
  3. Haru the Lionhead

    Second bunny

    Hello guys, I got a bunny almost three weeks ago, and we’re thinking of getting her a sister so she can have fun with. Is that okay?is it better to get a second bunny now?or should I wait longer?or is it better not to get a new one at all?I don’t want her to get lonely or bored that’s why I...
  4. Haru the Lionhead

    Hay fever

    Is it okay if i wash the hay and let it dry before feeding it to my bunny¿ she used to sneeze alot and when I started washing it the sneezing stopped but I didn’t know if it was safe or not.
  5. Haru the Lionhead

    bunny peeing alot

    My bunny doesn’t drink much water and she pees maybe 3 times a day give or take and its always yellowish. Today i saw someone say that they put parsley on the water bowl and her bunny drank alot, so i tried it and put some mint leaves and while she is trying to get it she drinks. She drank more...
  6. EclipseTheLionhead

    Bonding With Your Bunny For The First Time: Tips and Tricks

    Hi there! So my little bunny got home for the first time Saturday. I've been leaving her alone in her cage, just making sure she has fresh food, water and hay everyday just until her 48 hour adjustment period is up. She has really came out of her shell already and is running around, living life...
  7. Catlyn

    What to ask when bringing her home?

    Our cousin shared a post of someone giving away their sweet loppy girl on facebook. Dad and i took a liking to her so we contacted her owner to ask if she was still looking for a home. The post was uploaded yesterday and was titled urgent. Lucky for us she was booked for someone but cancelled...
  8. Elys1

    Can i bond my neutered buck with my new un neutered buck or should i wait?

    I have recently got a Netherlands dwarf buck who’s currently 12 weeks But as he is a dwarf the vet has said that he cannot be neutered untill he is 6 months due to his size; i am looking to bond him with my 1 year old french lop buck who is already neutered. Could i begin to bond them yet or...
  9. emmaskye

    New Bunny

    I just got my baby Holland lop last Friday. She is very active and loves binkying and running around, exploring. She comes up to me often to sniff and now she lets me pet her too. I really want to hold her and put her in my lap to snuggle but I don’t want to scare her. Many suggest letting your...
  10. Chantelmedz

    What breed is our bunny?

    Hey everyone!! I’m brand new here so first and foremost, hello!!! We just adopted a bunny from our local animal services. This little guy was found abandoned with 2 other buns. We’re hoping someone here could help us identify the breed! We tried clicking on the “what breed is my bunny” thread...
  11. JVL

    Development of 2 new young rabbits

    I recently became owner of two 10 weeks old female rabbits. They have been together since soon after birth from my understanding altho they are not the same breed. They definitely take care of each other. They're also very used to being handled. Should I expect a lot of behavioral changes as...
  12. J

    Bunny thumping at new one!

    ello! I have two bunnies (honey) is a female determined by vets. We recently got her a bunny friend who we also thought was female but we are now having second thoughts. (Bonbon) ever since we got bonbon we have kept them in two cages apart from eachother but in view of eachother. Honey has...
  13. Bambithebunny

    Aggressive bunny..?

    Hello! I currently have two bunnies : Bambi who is 9 months old, spayed and I’ve had her for 8 months now and Mocha who is 06 months old. I adopted Mocha 2 weeks ago and he had just been neutered so I’m waiting for his hormones to calm down before introducing him to Bambi. They are both kept in...
  14. Bambithebunny

    Aggressive bunny..? Help pls

    Hello! I currently have two bunnies : Bambi who is 9 months old, spayed and I’ve had her for 8 months now and Mocha who is 06 months old. I adopted Mocha 2 weeks ago and he had just been neutered so I’m waiting for his hormones to calm down before introducing him to Bambi. They are both kept in...
  15. chester the muncher

    new bunny

    Hello, I’m a new fuzzy lop owner. My bunny’s name is Chester, and he’s an American Fuzzy Lop. I have a few questions to ask. Before I had Chester (which I just brought home today), I had a bunny that I bought from a local pet shop. The bunny that I had from the pet shop died within 3 days, and...
  16. Lois south

    Fleas from hay???

    Hi everyone. Today I took my new rabbit Cinnabun to the vet for the first time to get his vaccines. When the vet was checking him, she found 1 flea. She gave me xeno 450 spot on to treat it. She told me that since he is an indoor rabbit and there are no other pets in my house, that he could have...
  17. Redrabbit

    New bunny advice please

    Hi, We adopted a new bunny today and she’s gorgeous but she’s a lop and I’m a bit clueless. (We have a Rex) Every time she drinks her ears get wet but I’m reluctant to use a bottle- which is better bowl and wet ears or bottle and dry ears? Is it something she’ll learn (she had a bottle before)...
  18. Lucy&Vinny

    What bunny do I have?

    Hello I’ve recently bought a rabbit which I believed was a Netherland dwarf. He’s just under 10 weeks. Although, I’m not sure if he actually is that breed he seems a bit big and his ears are larger than pictures I’ve seen of other dwarfs. Would anybody be able to help me out by looking at...
  19. Mooni the bunny

    Netherlands Dwarf Bunny

    Hello, Recently got a angel bunny yesterday, she is a Netherlands’s dwarf and a month old in two days. We have little knowledge on her breed and how to care for; not any bunny, but a dwarf bunny. We would like to know more. She is so sweet, she lets us know when she is ready to leave the...
  20. K

    Help me name my new baby!

    Hi guys!! I currently have a lionhead named Blu and I’m adopting a lop male. Help me name him :) His picture is below! I want something that’s goes with Blu and nothing cutsie! Thanks all !! - Kelsey