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  1. Lois south

    Fleas from hay???

    Hi everyone. Today I took my new rabbit Cinnabun to the vet for the first time to get his vaccines. When the vet was checking him, she found 1 flea. She gave me xeno 450 spot on to treat it. She told me that since he is an indoor rabbit and there are no other pets in my house, that he could have...
  2. Redrabbit

    New bunny advice please

    Hi, We adopted a new bunny today and she’s gorgeous but she’s a lop and I’m a bit clueless. (We have a Rex) Every time she drinks her ears get wet but I’m reluctant to use a bottle- which is better bowl and wet ears or bottle and dry ears? Is it something she’ll learn (she had a bottle before)...
  3. Lucy&Vinny

    What bunny do I have?

    Hello I’ve recently bought a rabbit which I believed was a Netherland dwarf. He’s just under 10 weeks. Although, I’m not sure if he actually is that breed he seems a bit big and his ears are larger than pictures I’ve seen of other dwarfs. Would anybody be able to help me out by looking at...
  4. Mooni the bunny

    Netherlands Dwarf Bunny

    Hello, Recently got a angel bunny yesterday, she is a Netherlands’s dwarf and a month old in two days. We have little knowledge on her breed and how to care for; not any bunny, but a dwarf bunny. We would like to know more. She is so sweet, she lets us know when she is ready to leave the...
  5. K

    Help me name my new baby!

    Hi guys!! I currently have a lionhead named Blu and I’m adopting a lop male. Help me name him :) His picture is below! I want something that’s goes with Blu and nothing cutsie! Thanks all !! - Kelsey
  6. S


    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has advice for litter training my rabbits. I have two babies in a dog crate, they are 2 months old right now! I got them 3 days ago and I dont really see any improvement in their litter training, if anything they have even gone backwards in terms of pooping...
  7. Bubbles4648

    Bloated newborn

    We had newborn bunnies 4 days ago and I noticed that two of the four bunnies were bloated on their stomach. Is this normal or should I go see a vet to have it checked out.
  8. Rachhexwtf

    Introducing new bun

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, but not new to being a bun mom. I have a spayed male, Frankie. I've been looking for a doe friend for him. He has free roam in my bedroom at all times, and he has his own space under my bed. He has 3 litter boxes that he uses consistently. This is his room. I've...
  9. CloverInTheField

    Bonding Rabbits

    Right now I have a 13 week old Lionhead rabbit. I have my eye on an 9 week old Lionhead to get my other bunny, Clover, a friend. Clover and I have bonded a lot but I’m considering getting another one for him since I am not always there with school and everything. Clover is very friendly to...
  10. B

    I dont think my rabbits likes us! Please help!!!

    So we got Doris on 1/5/19 at 12 weeks and she acclimated very well to our home and was potty trained the first weekend. she was binkying and zoomin and seemed to really like her space. the following weekend we started to free roam and she ended up becoming 100% free roam and has been since. One...
  11. S

    Introducing baby bunny to the family bunny

    I have had my current bunny (mini lop) for around 5-6 months now, and she(Daisy) is two years old. She has been desexed and we thought it would be a good idea to get her a friend as I am going to start university next year and may not be able to spend as much with her as I have in the past. We...
  12. K

    New Zealand or Checkered Giant? (Or mutt?)

    I got my rabbit, Sapphire, from the shelter about a month ago and they didn't list her breed or weight, and I don't own a working scale. She seems to have a lot of the traits for a checkered giant like the markings around the nose and eyes, but her back is mostly a patch of gray so I can't say...
  13. Jigzitta


    So first of all I got this handsome little boy off from Craigslist not too long after my Rosemary passed away, because I needed a new bunny to cuddle, and he was offered to me when I made a post about needing a new bunny for therapy. I know it can be dangerous getting pets from there, but he...
  14. J

    mini lop having trouble adjusting to new home

    Hello I recently took in a year and a half old mini lop bunny from an owner who couldn't keep him anymore due to her other rabbit disliking him. the first weekend I had with him he seemed fine, he ran around happily enjoyed being held and humped his favorite toy relentlessly. it seemed he was...
  15. H

    Death of dominate female

    Until yesterday we had two happy female rabbits aged 3. Tragically we found our dominant female Belle had passed away suddenly over night. We’re all devastated but I’m really worried about Blue our remaining bunny as she was the submissive rabbit and although Belle was a bit of a meany sometimes...
  16. catsandwaffles

    Meet Waffles!

    This is Waffles, our ~2 year old neutered male Florida White. He's got his own Instagram! :D We adopted him at the end of May this year. He lives with 5 cats: Chromie (3 yrs 2 mos, female fluffy brown tiger), Li Li (3 yrs 10 mos, female black)...