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Apr 10, 2020
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I recently became owner of two 10 weeks old female rabbits. They have been together since soon after birth from my understanding altho they are not the same breed. They definitely take care of each other. They're also very used to being handled. Should I expect a lot of behavioral changes as they mature? I was reading where rabbits start fighting. They haven't displayed this type of activity but now I'm concerned.
Hi, they can be sisters as well just if they are mixed breed there can be differently looking babies in the same litter. From your avatar pic one looks like a lionhead to me and couldn't see the other one as photo is too small.
It is possible that they will start humping each other and there can be some fur flying around sometime between 3-7 months, depending on how fast they become sexually active, if there's no major fights or hate, aggression they might be able to sort out their dominance and will stay bonded together for life. In my experience lionheads are exceptionally friendly and laid back, bt there's no guarantee as all rabbits have their own personalities.

It is also possible that they will get very territorial and aggressive towards each other, if that happens it would be best to separate them and fix them both, then wait about 2 months after surgery and try introducing them again, there's a chance that they will bond.

So for now if they are still 10 weeks just watch for signs in my experience girls would start at 5-7 months later than most boys so if you see extensive humping/chasing/fights you better take action but maybe you are lucky and they will sort it out in an amicable manner.

10 weeks is too early for girls so you have at least one or two months of peace
Thank you so much!! Can you tell their breed any better from this picture? They also are now in larger accommodations, they basically have a bedroom to themselves. 20200404_120912.jpg
White looks like angora to me mixed with lionhead probably and the other one like lop mix, both very pretty :)
White looks like angora to me mixed with lionhead probably and the other one like lop mix, both very pretty :)
Thank you so much! I've been trying to sort out what kind they are! The lop was fairly obvious lol but the angora mix makes sense! Appreciate your help! So happy I found this site!
They are so cute! Definitely an Angora/Lionhead mix, and a lop mix. I am thinking that the lop might also have some Dwarf in her because in the first picture her ears look really short. She also looks a little fluffy so she might also have some Lionhead in her.

After you get them spayed you will need to rebond them. Here is a helpful link and video: Bonding Bunnies.
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