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Sep 24, 2019
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Hello! I currently have two bunnies : Bambi who is 9 months old, spayed and I’ve had her for 8 months now and Mocha who is 06 months old. I adopted Mocha 2 weeks ago and he had just been neutered so I’m waiting for his hormones to calm down before introducing him to Bambi. They are both kept in the same room but in different play pens and I let them free roam one at a time. The problem is that since I got Mocha, Bambi became aggressive. She was so sweet before but now it looks like a totally different bunny. She clearly knows that there’s a new bunny in her “territory” because I do switch some things in their playpen so they can get used to the other’s smell and I think that maybe that’s why her personality changed but its really overwhelming. When I let her free roam I can’t even walk next to her or get down to pick up something without her luuuunging at my hand/feet while making a noise of annoyance. She also bites me hard (something she never really did before) and immediately after that she starts licking me and putting her head under my hand so I pet can pet her. Like I don’t know what to do because I know she still likes me and love it when I pet her but she became so aggressive that I’m sometimes scared to go near her because I know she gonna jump at me. Even when I stop petting her she start scratching me so much. So if you can help me figure out what’s happening or how I can change the situation it would be really appreciated! Thank you very much.
I wouldn’t let them free roam in the room as Bambi could be mad that Mocha is allowed out and she’s not. I had the same issue. I know it’s super hard to not let them Free roam but it’ll only be for a few weeks while mocha recovers. Then I started bonding them in a bathroom so that it was a neutral territory. Bambi is probably angry that something that was hers for 8 months is now being “taken over” and she sees that you’re allowing it. I’d wait until Mocha is fully recovered to keep switching their toys and litter boxes and such. Best wishes!!!

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