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  1. Stellalop

    Litter training help

    My bunny is 1 years old, I've had her for 5 weeks. She has a litter tray in her pen which she uses fine, sometimes poops outside it but generally uses it and uses it always for peeing. Outside of her pen she is allowed in the rest of the room. She didn't pee anywhere else the first 2 weeks I...
  2. I

    Any ideas to help with litter training? (Would be much appreciated ❤️)

    Hello, I am a new time bunny owner and I have four new bunnies that I am having trouble litter training. They are Oculus, Nova, Jimithy (Jim) and Bowie they are 4 months and have been spayed/neutered within the last two weeks. I adopted them in February and have introduced litter training right...
  3. J

    Best flooring, open bottom cage, litter training?

    im preparing my house for a new bunny. I am in the midst of building a bunny palace for use when I am at work or when I am asleep (also for bunnys use when he wants his own "safe space"). Before i can free roam him or her, ill need to litter train. While litter training, what, in your...
  4. K

    Please Help with Litter Habits!

    Hi everyone, I'm having continuing trouble with my bunny and her litter habits. She absolutely refuses to use her litter box unless she is in it to eat hay. She leaves droppings everywhere and is constantly peeing on my bed and carpet. She leaves big puddles on my bed and small puddles of pee...
  5. E

    Stubborn Rabbits Peeing on Carpet

    I have two bonded male rabbits. Both are neutered and have been litter trained for years. I recently moved in January, and ever since they have been peeing and pooping in the same two spots in the carpet. I know they know to use the litter box, because as soon as I catch them peeing on the...
  6. y2chloe

    Rabbit un potty trained himself and poops everywhere

    My male holland lop is about three years old and neutered who was once litter trained has begun to poop everywhere. I have three litter boxes set up in my bedroom where he is free range. I use newspaper in the bottom and fill the rest up with Timothy hay in two of the boxes. The third one has...
  7. B

    Litter training or territorial?

    Hello everyone my bunny who's about 7 months old will soon be going in for a spay but I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion. I'm having trouble with my bunny wanting to poop and pee on my bed constantly. I thought it was territorial but now I'm thinking maybe she thinks its...
  8. K

    Bunny is litter trained but pees on bedding/ anything soft on cage floor

    My Bunny is just over 1 years old, and is neutered. He is litter trained, and when I have no bedding on the cage floor he will only ever pee in his litter tray. However, because it is now the winter, i decided I should put some bedding on the cage floor to help keep it a bit warmer for him. It...
  9. Katie94

    Litter training issues with girls

    Hello, So I’m having litter training issues with both of my girls. They either keep digging out all the hay and then using the area where all the hay is scattered or they will just pick up the whole litter box, move it somewhere else and then use the area where the litter used to be. They are...
  10. K

    How to keep bunny off furniture?

    Hi all! I was wondering if it were possible to train my rabbit to stay off of my bed and if anyone has any tips on how to do so? My living situation doesn't allow me to keep my rabbit out of my bedroom so my bedroom is where she free roams. One of the only behavioral issues I have with her is...
  11. K

    Bunny Mom in Need of Some Answers

    Hi all! I'm having the hardest time with improving my bunny's litter habits. I took in my bunny, Echo, about three months ago when she was about 4 months old. When I learned that bunnies could be litter trained I immediately tried to start teaching her. She learned quickly and her litter...
  12. S

    Bonded bunnies and their litter problems

    Hi all, This spring we adopted a 3 year old, neutered male-bunny as a friend for our 2 year old, neutered female-bunny. They live as free-roaming bunnies in our house. The bonding-process was horrible, BUT after a few months they've become pretty good friends. Our big problem now is.. They pee...
  13. Gelly

    Hard wood or soft wood stove pellets??

    I've been hearing mixed reviews. Which should I use? Which absorbs better? I've been using Greene Team hardwood pellets from Lowes so far.
  14. Alplily

    Boys pee everywhere that is not hard floor

    I have trained a number of rabbits to use litter boxes, but my new boys are being difficult. I have two male Holland Lops, bonded brothers, neutered since December 2018. I pulled them out from under a house where the people were letting the rabbits breed, so they had been outside since birth. I...
  15. L

    Troublesome Litter Trainee :(

    Hi everybody, I'm a new bunny mom, and I am having a lot of trouble litter training my rabbit! I adopted a very sweet adult bunny just over a month ago, since then I've had to move her around a little but now she has a permanent home base until we are ready to free roam. At first, I felt she was...
  16. Gatsby & Co

    Brown liquid on bunnies' litter pan

    I'm cleaning my bunnies' litter pan and I notice some red/brown liquid. Doesn't 100% appear to be blood. Image following...
  17. nat1234

    Best cleaner for rabbit pee on carpet

    Hello So i'm most likely going to be moving soon and if i move into a house with carpet i'm worried my bun is going to pee all over it, at least in the beginning as it will be a new territory and my bun isn't neutered (he's 7 and our vet didn't recommend fixing him at this point) so i'm going...
  18. Floyd2019

    Lost litter habits, moved his xpen to a new room? Help??

    Hello again! I always have so many rabbit questions. Soooo, due to recent bed peeing habits i decided to move my bunnies xpen into another room to give him more space and keep my bed from being soiled all the time. Now that I've moved him he has lost all litter habbits! He isn't peeing just...
  19. A

    Litter Training

    I’m wanting to litter train my rabbits, but I heard that if they are not neutered/spayed then they cannot he litter trained and I was wondering if that’s true? And what would be the best ways to train them, (after getting them fixed if needed)?
  20. S


    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has advice for litter training my rabbits. I have two babies in a dog crate, they are 2 months old right now! I got them 3 days ago and I dont really see any improvement in their litter training, if anything they have even gone backwards in terms of pooping...