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May 7, 2019
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So i'm most likely going to be moving soon
and if i move into a house with carpet i'm worried my bun is going to pee all over it, at least in the beginning
as it will be a new territory and my bun isn't neutered (he's 7 and our vet didn't recommend fixing him at this point)
so i'm going to need some carpet cleaner but i'm not sure what's best as i've always had wood floors
Hopefully he'll only territory mark with his poos. But if he gets urine on the carpet, I would use white vinegar to counter the smell. They tend to repeat peeing in the same place if they smell it there.

I'd also suggest starting very slowly in the new place. Confine him to a cage for the first week or two. This may seem harsh but it will help him to acclimate in the quickest way. He will feel secure in the confines of his cage while he gets used to the new sounds and scents of the new place.

After that time, limit his roaming with an ex-pen. He should still have easy access to his cage but have the pen around it. As he does well with no potty issues, gradually increase his space.

If done slowly, without rushing, this method should minimize (if not, completely eliminate) any urine accidents. It is always much more difficult to correct bad habits than to prevent the accident to begin with. So the goal should be: no potty accidents allowed. Go slowly.
Thank you for the advice!!!
I'm hoping he'll only poop as well
he's actually pretty good with his litter box considering he's not fixed (only droppings are left in his x-pen but none around my room)
also do you suggest 100% vinegar or a mixture of water and white vinegar

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