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  1. BunnysAllDay

    Why is my bunny's chin losing hair and has skin bumps that are red?

    My Bunny's are having a problem, When I look at them they look as if they have excessive saliva coming out the mouth and when it dry it has this bad smell, They keep doing like a chewing motion and that's when it starts to form more. I did take my bunny's to the vet but the vet can't identify it...
  2. Shannon3581

    My bunny got injured

    So I was putting my bunny back into his enclosure and I tripped, this led to my bunny landing on his chin and now his upper lip is swollen I'm hoping that the teeth didn't go through the lip but what can I do to help him until I can find a vet and get him checked. I don't have a vet near me that...
  3. R

    Female Rabbit Losing Fur on the neck

    Hey! Just wanna ask if it's normal for a female rabbit to lose fur on her neck? She's a year old now. Eating and drinking well. Very active too. Thanks for your replies!
  4. M

    PLEASE HELP!!! GI stasis (RIP)

    Hello, so I have a 4-year-old Netherland dwarf rabbit who has gone into GI stasis maybe 8 times already. This time he hasn’t pooped in 3 days I took him to the vet, and I couldn't afford to get an x-ray so I'm not 100% sure what the problem is.😕 I'm pretty sure it's an intestinal...
  5. T

    Why is my holland lop so big..?

    Hi! I recently got a "pure bred holland lop". Her name is smores, and when fully extended, she is a bit over 17 inches.. I read online, and she is almost 5 inches more then she is supposed to be. She is only 4 months old, so im not sure why she is so big. I have a few photos, some are blurry...
  6. Cinny

    My rabbit fell on her head

    My rabbit fell today out of my arms well I was putting her away in her pen for the night and fell on her head, now there is a boney line feeling on her head(some of which was there before) and we aren't to sure if she needs to go to a vet or not, do you think we should bring her when we have the...
  7. T

    Bunny won’t go up and down ramp

    I just put together this new cage, but my bunny won’t go up or down the ramp. I tried to encourage her but she was freaking out. Is it to steep or do I just give it time?
  8. Jacquie2020


    Hello, my name is Jacquie, and I am a new mom to my 3 month old girl bun Marley. I adopted her on June 4th, and today went to attempt to clip new nails for the first time when before clipping noticed this…. It is a scaly kind of scab like texture kind of bubbly feeling , looks inflamed, and...
  9. P

    Twitching bunny help!

    Uh hello im new here and I just recently got a bunny- i don't know if she is sick or not ok but she seems to be twitching her head and when we let her run and play she gets excited but twitches a lot. Her stomach seems to be really bloated or big to say the least. Is this all normal im really...
  10. R

    My new litters

    Hi im new to this group, i have 2 male rabbits and 2 female, one of the female rabbits is the mother and the other female is the mother's daughter, the male is also from the same mother, we think the siblings have got busy together, last saturday she gave birth to 5 babies, one was sadly born...
  11. Haru the Lionhead

    hunched/hyper bunny?

    Guys my bunny was sitting in a hunched position behind the door for maybe 15-30 minutes and i got worried but after that she got up and started running around and jumping like she was not sick. Also she flicks her head to the side real quick while running and jumping, and she becomes super...
  12. Haru the Lionhead

    Do i need a vet

    Guys can a tiny white mucus on bunny’s nose be normal? like an allergic reaction to something? because she sneeze alot. Or does It have to be some kind of sickness? because she looks okay, she eats drinks plays and every thing. She had mucus on her eyes two days ago that I talked about on my...
  13. Haru the Lionhead


    Guys yesterday I took my 4 months old bunny to the vet and he gave her a scabies vacation is that normal? He said that I should bring her to the vet to take it every 6 months When i got home my friend told me that bunnies don’t get vaccinated, and now I don’t know what to believe or what to do...
  14. Haru the Lionhead

    Bunny in pain?

    Is my bunny in pain? i don't know what to look out for. she is sleeping on her stomach but she also flops or sleep in the superman position. when i bring her veggies she runs towards me and eats so she doesn't have an appetite problem. when she is sleeping she twitches some times and her head...
  15. Haru the Lionhead

    New bunny owner

    Hello guys. I got a new bunny 4 days ago and she is my first. Everyday I learn something new about her. Three days ago a bought her hay and she started to sneeze so I thought that it was an allergic reaction from the hay so I tried my best to remove the dust before giving it to her. Today she...
  16. BabyMushu

    Lymph node swelling :(

    Hi! My bunny is 6 weeks and a 1/2 old and I took him to the vet and I found out his lymph nodes are enlarged. The vet said it could be swelling/inflammation, cancerous, or infectious. I just wanted to know more info about this. Such as why it’s swelling up or what I can do to help him. His...
  17. jiminpimin

    NEED HELP! Taming my new bunnies

    So I recently fostered 2 sibling bunnies to see if I will adopt them and it's been 6 days. I'm an impatient person but I really need advice PLEASE! So basically this groomer fostered these bunnies before when they were babies and someone adopted them. Later they divorced and ended up with a...
  18. pimsybunny

    why does my bunnies pee look like this

    As i was just posting about how good my bunny is a peeing in the litter box she peed on her blanket and i couldn't help but notice the white in her pee...it wasn't a foam or anything just whitish liquid. What does this mean? She drinks water all the time, has unlimited timothy hay, and...
  19. Glorie

    Poop Issue

    I have a loop mix female rabbit from the feed store that I have had for 3 years and she’s starting to get like a brown wet messy bump. I have been feeding her the same pallets and grasses since I got her. And this poop issue has been starting since a couple a months ago and I don’t know what...