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    American Sable? California Cross? Who knows?

    Definetley not an American Sable, I used to breed them and I've never heard of them having dilutes Shaded Night Rabbitry? Well you learn something new everyday! Definetley a Sable Point though, unless your talking Satin, then Siamese. I'm not sure on the breed cross but he is adorable! And...
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    New Zealand?

    New Zealands are very calm, gentle and laid back rabbits. Yet they can be quite energetic and playful at the same time. They are great pets and love being pet and held.
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    Help me and Chloe out of this Hairy situation....PLEASE

    You could trim around her face, but be careful not to hurt her. Is she being used as a show rabbit?
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    BREED LIBRARY PROJECT: We need help of experienced breeders who "know their standards"

    Hi, Sorry this is late! I will have more pics posted probobly Saturday or Sunday and about the Breed specific faults/dqs ect. WR's IE - Lynx Doe The Palomino is a 6 class breed. A medium sized rabbit. They are very gentle, calm and laid back. Also very playful and inquisitive though. Their...
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    BREED LIBRARY PROJECT: We need help of experienced breeders who "know their standards"

    I could do the Palominos! I can't get any pictures until Saturday as my sister is gone and she has the camera. I will have all the info up by tonight or tommorow though! If anybody needs help on English Spots I would also be glad to help. Also I have raised severel other breeds so just PM me...
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    Looking for other Breeders

    I am really intrested in getting a pair of v-lops. Have been trying to get some for around a year now! If you ever have any for sale Blaze_Amita please let me know! [email protected] or
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    What breed is my Ruby?

    My guess would be some type of Min Rex cross, to be honest. She dosn't look to have the fur but her size and build look like MR type. This is just a guess though. Very gorgous rabbit!
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    Helping YOU get your site or Rabbitry out there

    I can add you to my site as well. Thanks! Rabbitry Name: On the Brightside Rabbitry Your Name: Kalrie Ries E-mail: [email protected] City/State: Scottsburg, Indiana Website Address: Breeds and Colors you breed: Paliminos & English Spots, others...
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    My new rabbitry website design - feedback requested

    It looks great, I love your buisness card as well! On the Brightside Rabbitry Raising Paliminos, English Spots & Mini Rex [email protected]
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    Humping, Grunting, and Falling over??

    Good luck! If you have any questions, you can pm me anytime!
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    Rabbitry help.

    My website is
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    Building a rabbit shed and need help...

    I will try and take pics of my rabbitry. It is a 20 X 24 barn. I think its pretty nice myself and I hope it will help you build your barn. One word of advice is to install automatic waterers, they help alot!
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    Velveteen Lop Babies!!

    Ohh! I want! Is there any possible way I could get a doe from you, then get a buck from another litter? I would loveee to have a pair of these guys!
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    Cages for rabbitry

    I personnally keep bucks that size in 24 X 24, they get run time though. I have had havanahs before and the babies grow pretty quickly so make sure you get big cages for the does, 36 X 36 is good.
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    Anyone have a Rabbitry Website??

    I like Evie's Tulips Rabbitry. Oh and, my new website is I finnally got my rabbitry registered. :D