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  1. B

    Rabbit digging/chewing carpet, and now towel?

    Hi there, My 3 month old new rabbit has been digging at the carpet so I placed some towels around the exercise pen. He is now digging/chewing up the towel. Is there any way to change this behavior? He has chew toys like a bundle of sticks, plushies, etc. And plenty of room to run around in...
  2. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Digging carpet

    Is there any way i can stop my rabbit from scratching/digging my carpet, he never used to do it but the past couple of months hes been digging near my door and ripped all my carpet up, I've put a couple of tiles were he does it and he just carries on scratching next to it, he has card board...
  3. Floyd2019

    Dilemma about rabbit safe flooring... i don't have any

    So my entire basement is covered in the worst carpet for rabbits ever. Longish fibers that are easy to pull out due to it being old and since its old it probably smells and tastes great for a bunny. My bun has always wanted to pull out the fibers and we have fought and fought over it. He has a...
  4. nat1234

    Best cleaner for rabbit pee on carpet

    Hello So i'm most likely going to be moving soon and if i move into a house with carpet i'm worried my bun is going to pee all over it, at least in the beginning as it will be a new territory and my bun isn't neutered (he's 7 and our vet didn't recommend fixing him at this point) so i'm going...
  5. Floyd2019

    A good VENTING sesh about my carpet eating bunny. Possible advice needed if you have it

    I didn't know which forum to post this in because it fits almost all of them. Really i just need to vent! I have posted about my unneutered rabbit who has started chewing the carpet before and didn't get much advice. I talked to a behaviourist who said beitering probably won't help that...
  6. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Scratching / Digging toys

    Has anyone got any ideas for any scratching / digging toys? My Rabbit keeps chewing and scratching at my carpet, then eventually sometimes pees on it! I've tried a card board box with shredded newspaper but he doesn't use it.