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  1. B

    Blood in urine, but tests came back normal.

    Hello all, this is my first time here, so not sure if this is the right place to post this. My bunny (2 year old female) has been passing blood in her urine for a month now. I've taken her to a vet and we did a complete blood test, urine test, liver function and kidney test, as well as...
  2. B

    Blood in urine or pigmentation?

    Hey guys! I'm new here. My bunny (1.5 yo male), is quite active and playful. I noticed, however, deep red coloration in his urine. Is this a cause for worry? He is on a diet of Fenugreek leaves, cabbage, celery, lettuce, sometimes tomatoes and rarely carrots. This happened 3 times today (the...
  3. Lilsakli

    Urine marking

    I have a brown female lop mix, nearly 3 months post spay. Her age Is unknown, but presumed to be 2 years or older. She is perfectly litter trained in her xpen, but every time I let her out to play, she always find a random spot in my apartment to urinate… there is never any poo, just always...
  4. cassjane

    Brown/Reddish Thick Urine

    Hi guys, I’m sorry for the unsavory picture. My 1 yr old neutered Holland lop has recently started peeing and pooping on my bed again, so today I put down a plastic tarp. I got home and found this dark brown thick looking pee. (One pic with flash on and one off). There are also some little...
  5. Bengisudeveci

    İs there blood in my rabbits urine

    İs this blood ? İ have just seen this and it is scary. İs this normal ? I read that rabbit urine is sometimes orange but i am not sure.
  6. T

    New Bunny

    Hello, I adopted another bunny, she’s 5 months old. The shelter said that she was spayed and it is also stated in her medical records. My question is, her urine smells stronger than my other 2 rabbits. My other 2 bunnies are a mini Rex and a dwarf Netherland. The new bunny is a holland lop. Is...
  7. pinknstink

    Major Incontinence Issues

    Hello RabbitsOnline! This is my first post, as I am in the hopes of getting some advice for my rabbit's problems. My rabbit Cotton has some birth defects, such as a weird bite and only being able to see out of one eye, but he also has bad incontinence issues. He hasn't always been incontinent...
  8. hxkev

    Urinary infection?

    I've noticed that my female bun has urine on her butt and she smells quite a bit. We went to the vet a few days ago to check on her and he said to just let it dry up. Now I don't think this is somthing that would just go away in time, because everytime I wiped her, after a while it was always...
  9. Gatsby & Co

    Brown liquid on bunnies' litter pan

    I'm cleaning my bunnies' litter pan and I notice some red/brown liquid. Doesn't 100% appear to be blood. Image following...
  10. nat1234

    Best cleaner for rabbit pee on carpet

    Hello So i'm most likely going to be moving soon and if i move into a house with carpet i'm worried my bun is going to pee all over it, at least in the beginning as it will be a new territory and my bun isn't neutered (he's 7 and our vet didn't recommend fixing him at this point) so i'm going...
  11. Missy Aimee

    Help! My rabbit has sludge

    Hello! My baby Marshmallow has sludge in his urine and hasn’t been wanting to drink water. He was at the vet the other day and all his vitals, bloodwork and exam were normal other than the sludge. I tried to encourage him to drink more water by putting some apple juice in his water but he...
  12. Missy Aimee

    Orange urine

    Image by Missy Aimee posted Apr 11, 2019 at 8:30 AM Hello! I have a 4-year-old mixed bun bun named Marshmallow. Today I noticed that his pee looks to be an orange tint? I’m concerned because a few days ago I had to put down my bunny Nobu due to kidney disease. Forgive me if I’m over worrying...
  13. bombur

    Color change in the urine after peeing

    Hi to everybody, I have a holland lop eared bunny named bombur. I have a trouble with him and I could not find any solution to bomburs problem whixh is as follows: More tham one month ago, he started to peeing in red color and sometimes in brown. Sometimes he makes the per in normal yellow...