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  1. A

    More buns or not

    Hi guys, I am currently in my gap year, and have decided I am going to build my bunnies a new house. I have three mini lops. I would love to be able to get more bunnies, so I was considering building a double enclosure, sort of like the one on it’s a bunderful life’s Instagram where the...
  2. Z

    What breed is my bunny?

    Hi guys, I just got my bunny a week ago it’s about 8 weeks old. I don’t know it’s gender yet, going to the vets on Monday but i’m not sure what it’s breed is? Can anyone help me out?
  3. S

    Help what kind of bunny do I have?

    Hello I am not sure if anyone can help me determine what kind of bunny I bought. All I was told was the she was not going to grow big. This is my first bunny and I want to make sure I know how to take care of her.
  4. Sarah rabbitry

    Lavender For Overdue Bunnies?

    Hi! My doe is 33 days pregnant, not even showing any kindling signs, but I am almost certain she is pregnant. Should I try giving her lavender? Is that safe?! I already tried tums and letting her be with the male for a little bit. But I watched them carefully. I’m worried the kits are stuck and...
  5. emmaskye

    Help, potential drippy nose?

    Would this be considered a drippy nose? Should I go to the vet immediately??
  6. Mei

    Please take this poll -- rex or mini-rex?

    Okay so does she look like a rex or mini rex to you guys?
  7. A

    Need help identifying these Holland Lop colors from an expert!

    What colors would these Holland Lops be classified under? Two pictures of each bunny below.
  8. emmaskye

    New rabbit enclosure

    Hi all, so my sister and I just recently moved our bunny from a regular pet store cage to a much larger enclosure, about 12 square feet, using an X-pen... we threw a hidey inside, lots of toys, and of course hay, water, and food... I know that bunnies do not like change but I’m curious to know...
  9. B

    Bunny injured on Nose

    My bunny got hurt on its nose about 30 mins ago. My sister was carrying it to the park and he tried to jump out. She carries him every day and today was the first time he jumped out. He bled a little bit. I am very concerned and scared right now. He isn't bleeding any more. He fell asleep and...
  10. N

    ASAP- HELP NEEDED- BELGIUM- Temporary or permanent home

    Hello everyone, I had been living in Belgium for 1.5 years. In March 2020, I came back to my home country to renew my work permit, which allows me to stay in Belgium. While traveling here, I had left my rabbit to my neighbor for two weeks. However, COVID-19 happened, and I could not turn back...
  11. Katalynakm

    Bunny care

    Is it okay to give my bunny unlimited pellets while I’m on vacation? He is only a few months old and my dad is going to come once a day while I’m on vaca. I just don’t want him to go into GI stasis. He also eats a lot of hay. If someone can let me know that would be appreciated.
  12. raven123

    How much on average does it cost to get a rabbit neutered?

    I have a bunny and I really want to get a new buddy for her but she isn’t spayed yet and I haven’t found any good prices for spaying bunnies. The lowest I’ve gotten is around $400. Is that a regular price to get them spayed or is it over priced. I would appreciate if you could tell me good vets...
  13. Moon&pumpkinCottontails

    my Rabbit is being cranky and won’t let me touch her belly

    Hi this is my first time posting things, not sure what to do or say, however, I have 1 buck about 4 months old and 1 doe who is 9 months old, they are both unneutered and get along really well, they don’t fight, and he doesn’t annoy her, we’ve only witnessed him trying to mount her a handful of...
  14. P

    Please, I need help. Should I euthanize my poor baby

    Good evening everyone. I am currently crying the Niagara falls as I am having a horrible decision to make, allowing my 4 years old baby bunny to go to binky heaven or not. He had E. Cuniculi from birth which I tried treating, had several GI stasis to cure but recently, he has lost some weight...
  15. Novabunbun15

    GI Stasis

    HELP!! My bunny was diagnosed with Gi Stasis today from the vet after not eating or drinking and barely moving for about 12 hours. They gave us pain meds and CC to syringe feed her but she won’t take the syringe!! Her tummy is very bloated already so it’s hard to mover her plus she already...
  16. Bumby23

    Rabbit adjusting to cat

    So I have had my rabbit Lola for about 4 years now. She grew up with me and my room mates with 2 cats and she loved them so much. She would force cuddles on the cats and would follow them around like a little sister. Its been about 2 years now since she’s been away from my room mates and cats...
  17. V

    Malnourished baby rabbit

    So i have 6 day old baby rabbits, 5 of them, but one is much smaller than the others,i gave him a millilitre of goat milk yesterday which is around 0.03 oz i think,and i gave him another today. He looks like what people refer to as a peanut,but niether of his parents are dwarves. Any suggestions...
  18. M

    What breed is my rabbit?

    Hello, i recently rescued my first rabbit a couple months ago and am confused at what breed he is. Hes a small- medium rabbit weighing just over 3 pounds. Any ideas would be amazing. Thank you guys :)
  19. B

    Newborns not taking food!

    I have two healthy baby bunnies i recently rescued, and they are feeding on formula. Currently, their eyes are still closed, but they have fur and im assuming they are a couple days old. This is their 4th day with us and they just suddenly stopped eating. They pick at the milk, but it is more...
  20. BunnyLandia

    Help 3 rabbits with Really bad ear and fur mites

    Hey guys, so my 3 rabbits have ear and fur mites with have of them having severe ear mites with crust already sticking out of its ear. I just bought the horse wormer called Equimax with 1.87% ivermectin/ praziquantel 14.03%. Is it okay if I give a pea sized to my rabbits?? And if so, what are...