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  1. Lola56

    Help! Cat attack

    Hi everyone, unfortunately yesterday I had a neighbours cat get in and jumped into the rabbits pen, and jumping out with one of the 6 week old babies. Before any obvious harm was done I was able to frighten the cat to drop the bunny. Yesterday he was in shock, I put him on a hot water bottle in...
  2. KayKai

    HELP! My rabbit is really upset! (Training)

    Hello all, I need help! I have a rabbit who is 4 months old I just started litter training him. I did a lot of research on how to do it. Before training I had him in paper bedding in his play pen because I'm a new bunny mom. During training it was recommended that I removed the bedding and put a...
  3. KayKai

    New bunny mom here!

    Hi there, My name is Kay and my new 3 month old bunny name is Binx. I'm very new to the bunny business lol so I would love to have tips and advice please. One of my Main concerns since getting Binx is that he seems cold towards me and runs away everytime I try to pet him. I buy Binx toys and...
  4. A

    Love at first sight?

    I have a neutered male and spayed female who have “shared” my room in separate cages next to each other since late December therefore they are very awake of each others presence. I introduced them on Tuesday and in the beginning there was a bit of chasing and nipping but it only happened once or...
  5. P

    Bunny Having weird poop and dropping cecotropes! Urgent help please!

    I have a baby bunny, indian rabbit, it is slightly on the thinner side however i have taken her to vet and she told that she is fine. Two or three days back a strange incident happened. In the afternoon she genrally releases cecotropes and eats them, however before releasing she is dropping...
  6. S

    Sibling Rebonding

    We have two rabbits , Momo and Sana (7 months). We recently started rebonding them after they were fixed, with some good progress. We moved them to the kitchen yesterday and they spent the night together with no fights! But, Momo is quite anxious. Whenever Sana runs up to her to fast, she runs...
  7. Pokey


    Marker pen sketch of my Continental Giant rabbit, Pokey.
  8. Rabbit design thumbnail

    Rabbit design thumbnail

    Little thumbnail sketch I did of an idea for a rabbit design. I was trying to play around with shapes and this is the one I liked the best. I want to change the head shape/size (it's rather small) but I like the body and face. Constructive criticism welcome before I start reworking it.
  9. GusGus


    Little sketch I made of my Giant Papillon, GusGus. I drew this in autodesk sketchbook using a really old wacom tablet I've had for about 15 years.
  10. Peewee sus

    Peewee sus

  11. Peewee Jail

    Peewee Jail

    He crawled underneath the door of their pen and just sat there LOL
  12. BunRabit

    3 month old bunnies need a home in Pennsylvania!!

    Hey everyone. I rescued three babies a little while ago from being snake food. They were all born May 5th and are all boys. They are decently litter trained (no pee anywhere but litter box), and are very sociable. So above is Norman. Such a sweet bunny. He is the smallest of the three Above is...
  13. odyssey~

    odyssey~'s bun blog!

    hello! i'm a new member here and i though this would be a good place to start :) i've been lurking for a while... i'm Ally (nickname) and i have one spayed female rabbit Odyssey! she is almost 1.5 years old and i've had her since she was 4 months. my interests are music (kpop/playing...
  14. L

    Please help! Baby bunny not thriving. New mom isnt producing enough milk

    My lionhead had 3 babies 5 days ago. 2 where stillborn and one TINY baby survived. It was her first litter, so I waited two days for her milk to come in. When it didn't and he looked more like a rain then a bun, I got some goats milk and added a bit of honey. That got him active. I flipped her...
  15. I

    my rabbits are extremely frustrating

    I really don’t know what i’m doing wrong with them. everything I attempt to do to stop bad behaviour they find a way around. i haven’t had a full night of sleep in so long because they are either biting bars of the x pen, somehow getting out of the pen and chewing any wires they can find...
  16. O

    Bunny sick after Neuter

    Hi there! So my rabbit Lauritz was neutered 3 days ago, but now he doesn’t want to eat anything, not even snacks. His stomach is growling and he just seems so depressed, I really don’t know what to do because I don’t have enough money this month to take him to the vet to get checked since just a...
  17. A

    URGENT ADVICE NEEDED Bunny Rehome Help

    Hi guys! I need some advice urgently. I have three buns, all desexed and bonded. 2 females (1yr 6months) and 1 male (2yrs). In my neighbourhood, there’s another mini lop that needs rehoming. The owner has four bunnies, two girls and the two boys, none of which desexed. She’s trying to get rid...
  18. V

    Ate some plastic!!

    Hi everyone, Im a new bunny owner so i’m scared. She ate into a bag of treats and got thru a square of plastic to get inside it. Her poops have been small and she’s only eating the leaves of hay and knocking over her water. She is active though, constantly running and sniffing around. Should i...
  19. C

    New “flemish” rabbit?

    So.. I’m one of those people who probably should’ve done more research. I have a white rabbit that I was told was a pure Flemish. Met the parents. Every single parent for every litter was gray in color. All babies were gray except for my doe & a black male with blue eyes. now I just found out...
  20. A

    More buns or not

    Hi guys, I am currently in my gap year, and have decided I am going to build my bunnies a new house. I have three mini lops. I would love to be able to get more bunnies, so I was considering building a double enclosure, sort of like the one on it’s a bunderful life’s Instagram where the...