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    cute rabbit stamps for usps

    is any one like these rabbit stamps? i feel they are cute and the most important thing is they can be used and save money.you can find them here myvole.com
  2. foxbunny

    Baby Bunny bloat?

    One of my rabbits is currently caring for two kits, and today I noticed that one of them was looking kind of funky. I picked them up, and on first inspection, I noticed there was a yellowish crusty ball on the anus, and whitish discharge from the genitals. The whole thing looks very inflamed and...
  3. S

    Rabbit thinks I’m his mate! How do I stop it?

    Hello! My rabbit, Mocha, who once was a little cute bunny is now all grown up!! And while I love that hes more energetic and wants to play around, he definitely thinks I’m his mate. He keeps circling me and tries to mount my hand if I pick him up to place him somewhere else (hes fine with being...
  4. Touli

    Best Probiotic for Rabbit

    Hi! As of right now, I have taken my rabbit to the vet and he has a GI Stasis. He’s taken medicine and doing great, but his cisapride medication is all gone and I wanted to know which probiotic would be best for him. I found two probiotics that you are able to sprinkle on the rabbit’s...
  5. mollyisthecoolest

    Can rabbits get overweight from too much hay?

    My 10 month old out door rabbit has put on a noticeable amount of weight since the summer. My family say he looks bigger and his double chin has also gotten bigger. I’m not sure why and i’m trying to work out what i should be reducing safely. I’ve increased his pellets to 1/3 cup a day and i’ve...
  6. NovatheBunn

    Greetings from super(Nova)

    Hello! My name is Megan and I am a new bunn mom. I have wanted a rabbit for more than two decades, and now I'm finally adding one to the family! Nova (short for supernova, because my boyfriend is a big space nerd), is a nearly 9-week-old holland lop buck that we will be picking up on Sunday...
  7. mollyisthecoolest

    One of my rabbits ears have flopped

    My rabbit glen is around 8 months old and has had standing ears all his life, sometimes one of his ears flops when he is relaxed but it usually goes back to normal quickly. His left ear has flopped down and has stayed like that for a few days. I’m pretty sure this is normal as all of his 11...
  8. emmaskye

    Will bunny remember me after 3 weeks on holiday

    Hi everyone, my family and I have had our bunny for over 2 years now… we are going on a family vacation to Europe for three weeks and have relocated him to my aunt’s house. We set up his pen just as it is at home and brought familiar hideys and toys. I’m very upset and worried that he will...
  9. KayKai

    HELP! My rabbit is really upset! (Training)

    Hello all, I need help! I have a rabbit who is 4 months old I just started litter training him. I did a lot of research on how to do it. Before training I had him in paper bedding in his play pen because I'm a new bunny mom. During training it was recommended that I removed the bedding and put a...
  10. pawmaw

    kale for rabbits

    Is kale good for rabbits to eat?
  11. C

    My (new mama) rabbit is a little too calm

    So my rabbit I’m very close with her and every single day when I wake up I go give her some salad and such and she runs towards me today she didn’t yersterday she was fine and now she’s eating yes i don’t know she’s not as excited as normally she would be. My rabbit always comes near me to be...
  12. pawmaw

    A new from USA

    New here, and wanted to work on pet rescue services. Used to pass time with a pet. I am a vet lover and learn and gain new knowledge from a pet advisors. If anyone has any questions about exercise, please feel free to drop me a note.
  13. Júlia1999

    Can you help me identify my rabbits breed?

    Hi everyone, I’m new in this forum. I’m Portuguese and my rabbit is 10 years old. However, I never knew her breed because she was a gift and the lady didn’t know her breed as well. It seems like she is a mixed breed between a Dutch rabbit and something else. Hope you can help me discover. For...
  14. L

    Doe Pulling Fur 11 Days Early

    We have a doe who is 20 days into her pregnancy. She started pulling fur like crazy as well as hay stashing. We started thinking it was a false pregnancy since it’s way too early. But all the articles I have read say 16-18 days is the length of false pregnancies and she is day 20. But we still...
  15. L

    Do You Have to Tattoo a Rabbit Who is Going to a Show Breeder?

    I know rabbits have to be tattooed in order to be showed, but do you have to tattoo a rabbit before you sell them to a show breeder who wants to show the rabbit, or can the person buying the rabbit from you tattoo the rabbit themselves?
  16. L

    Black Chinchilla Doe x Blue Harlequin Buck

    What will the combination of a black chinchilla and blue harlequin rabbit with babies look like? I’m very curious to see what the babies will look like! The buck (blue harlequin) has many blue/fawn tricolors and orange/black tricolors. He also has a lot of creams and one broken cream. He has one...
  17. L

    Will My Doe Miscarry?

    My REW doe is pregnant 24 days now. I found her out of her pen, which is 34 inches tall. I’ve seen our rabbits be able to jump out and they kind of have to climb it toward the end and then jump down. So I’m worried that she will miscarry because she hurt her babies possibly. Do you think she...
  18. L

    How to Get a Nervous Doe to Breed

    Hello! I have a 2 year old Mini Lop doe who I’m trying to get bred. She’s never been bred or had babies before. She has been getting ACV and BOSS for the past week now. She’s also in our heated shop where it stays 55-60 F. She also gets 12 hours of light each day to help her be more willing for...
  19. A

    Rabbit viruses and my cat

    Hi guys! Sorry I’m posting again, but I do have a different question. I have 4 rabbits. 3 are bonded and live together in a shed and run outside. my fourth bunny lives inside, in a room off of our garage (in an xpen) We have a cat aswell. He lives in our “garage” He is allowed out during the...
  20. M

    Rabbit sneezing

    Hello I have a Rex bunny and he started to sneeze sometimes is it normal or it’s a problem?