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  1. ohfaithoh

    Pregnant Rabbit

    Hello, my pet rabbit is pregnant for 42 days now... I’m worried. Is this considered normal length of pregnancy for rabbits?
  2. L

    Molting rabbit

    Hi! I’m new to owning a rabbit and this is the first time he’s moulted, so I just need some advice. My rabbit has quick thick fur and as he’s pulling it off he seems to be ingesting too much to the point where he can’t swallow but I can’t pull it all out of his mouth. I only realised when he...
  3. T

    what breeds could my rabbits be...

    I have a male rabbit that i got from a local pet store and a female that i got a couple months later from the same pet store. My male’s name is thumper and he started out pretty small but has grew pretty fast in the last 4 months that we’ve had him. he has pretty big ears and one is flopped over...
  4. L

    Can Anyone Fill a Pedigree?

    Hi! I’m looking to fill out a pedigree for my future litters. Do I need some sort of registration with some rabbit organization or can I simply print one offline and fill it out? I’m hoping to open a small rabbitry in the future and need to know if simply filling out a pedigree by myself without...
  5. D

    Duck tape to discourage chewing?

    One of my rabbits had a bad habit of chewing the legs of my low loft bed which is dangerous. I heard that duck tape can discourage chewing and I wondered if it actually works. If no one knows I'll give it a shot and let everyone know what happens.
  6. K

    My Rabbit is limping...

    Hello, I wanted to come on here and see if anyone has any thought on my bunnies situation. I noticed her limping (not putting weight on her back foot) two days ago. She was acting completely normal and happy before that. We took her to the vet last night; and see had an X ray done. The vet said...
  7. Mei

    Please take this poll -- rex or mini-rex?

    Okay so does she look like a rex or mini rex to you guys?
  8. D

    A hard situation

    Let me know if I need to move this to a different thread, I had difficulties figuring out which thread to post this in. A year and a half ago I adopted my white Rex rabbit, Skylar, from a rabbit rescue. A year later I saw a craigslist post about a dumped bunny in an area heavily populated by...
  9. Daisy1010

    My rabbit eye got an infection, I don't know what to do currently.

    Hello guys, does anyone know what is going on with my rabbit eye? I had made an appointment with a veterinarian a few days later. I am quite worried if my rabbit will be okay before the day. Could anyone help me?
  10. X

    Can I get my bunny spayed at 4 months?

    My bunny has just passed the three month mark, lately whenever I'm asleep she jumps onto my bed and pees on my pillow. I've noticed she only will pee on pillows that I use, not her ones, I'm assuming its because her pillows already smell like her and shes marking mine. I've tried removing the...
  11. C

    Rabbit Christmas Cards

    *Admin please delete if not allowed* Hi everyone! I just want to share some rabbit Christmas cards that I painted. I try to feature different kinds of rabbits so please check them out on my Etsy: I have an orange Nethie dwarf named Bella at home and she's the boss. Her mate, Cookie, passed...
  12. M

    Belgian Hare?

    Hi! Recently I was given these 2 bucks. I believe they might be Belgian Hares but I’m not sure. (I’ve had rabbits since I little, & have never seen rabbit like these before!)
  13. Bvescobar


    I am very worried about my 5 year old rabbit. Everything has been good for the past two weeks , I switch him over from regular pellets to hay base pellets. Yesterday, he suddenly seems lethargic and I saw his poops have become hairy. He has not ate for 10 hours but he has been pooping, and...
  14. Elys1

    Can i put an un neutered buck with a neutered buck, or should i wait?

    I have recently got a Netherlands dwarf buck who’s currently 12 weeks But as he is a dwarf the vet has said that he cannot be neutered untill he is 6 months due to his size; i am looking to bond him with my 1 year old french lop buck who is already neutered. Could i begin to bond them yet or...
  15. MistyBun25

    Too Much Humping?!?

    So I just started bonding my pair. I have a boy and a girl bun that are both spayed and neutered. the boy was neutered about 4 weeks ago and the girl has been spayed for years.. My problem is, the boy bunny is humping a little too much and its his first time really doing that kind of thing. I...
  16. MochiTheBunny

    Is this normal?

    Hello everyone! Today I was looking at my rabbit and I noticed he has a heart-shaped bunch of fur around his nose. Looking back at older pictures and videos, it didn't seem that noticeable. Is this normal? If so, can you explain why this happens? Also, Mochi is turning 4 months in 10 days. Not...
  17. Kuonam

    Is this just a little pimple on my rabbit penis?

    Hi guys! I found something really strange at Loki. I was inspecting loki for maggots. Because its the season... and I found a white little pimple at his genitals. He just have 1 and I can't find anything else. And he is acting normal and happy! His eyes are good, mouth... eating normal and...
  18. V

    Akut Slime coming from bunny's nose

    Hello So my 7-year old dwarf rabbit Dennis has experienced two times that right after he ate pellets that slime was coming out of his nose and he was very scared and pulling his head and opening his mouth. At one point he was running around and then lay down for hours till it stopped. After he...
  19. S

    What kind of rabbit do I have?

    I've had a rabbit for about 1.5 years now, and I'm still not sure what breed he is, and I'm curious as to if I can figure it out. (I apologize that it's a bit dark, but you can likely see his colors quite well) I think that out of all the breeds I've looked at, he appears to look most like a...
  20. M

    What breed is my rabbit?

    Hello, i recently rescued my first rabbit a couple months ago and am confused at what breed he is. Hes a small- medium rabbit weighing just over 3 pounds. Any ideas would be amazing. Thank you guys :)