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  1. A

    I need help..

    I got two rabbits from someone who’s rabbit accidentally got pregnant; they are brother and sister. Without realizing it at first, they are old enough to mate (5 months). They have been together since birth and the female has had no known pregnancies (I am not in contact w/ previous owner). I...
  2. R

    can two unspayed females live together?

    I live in a small town, and althrough there is a rabbit savvy in the city nearby, they don't do the neuter/spay procedure. My bunny is 8months old or something alike, and i think she would really like to have a friend to share life with! I looked in the internet and there is no place that's not...
  3. D

    How long did ur bunny sulk after spay?

    Hi all Would you share how long your female bunny sulked after spay surgery? My female bunny has been sulking for 3 weeks post spay surgery. Her mood has been up and down. She already licks our hands in exchange for her head rubs. BUT there’s no sign of her asking for cuddles like she used to...
  4. CaitlinT00

    Rabbit less active

    Hi, so about a week ago I got my rabbit spayed (shes almost 5 months), and she seems to be recovering alright (good appetite, drinking water, etc). But lately I've noticed that shes been less active, not running much at all. I've also started her on a new diet consisting of mostly greens...
  5. CaitlinT00

    New bunny owner, spaying question

    Hi, earlier today I just got my bunny, Bella, spayed. Its been a couple of hours, shes had a few sips of water, doesn't want any food, and just seems lethargic- which I was expecting. But I thought that within a few hours that she would have pooped or peed, so I'm getting a little worried that...
  6. D

    After spay recovery and sulking?

    Hello all Do you know how long will female rabbit heal after spay surgery? And how long will she go back to normal and cuddly after spay surgery? My bunny was spayed 12 days ago and she is still sulking and upset, so she will not ask for hugs/cuddles yet. Is this normal? What is your experience?
  7. cosmoluna

    bunny digging at other bunny after spay?

    hi all- so yesterday morning my bunny luna got spayed. before this, luna and cosmo (male) would free roam in my room 24/7 together happily with no fighting for around 3 months. just grooming, cuddling, and playing. when luna returned from surgery, she was really cold all over and i had to stay...
  8. Kayla Martin

    Desexing my 4mth old

    I’m a first time rabbit owner, so I’m unsure on how to proceed. My sweet Buffy is 4 months old. I’ve know since planning on getting a rabbit that I’d get it/her desexed when they were old enough. Buffy has recently taken up digging as an increasing behaviour that has me thinking it might be...
  9. Redrabbit

    Spayed rabbit not eating

    Hi, Our sweet bunny was spayed today and is so sad. She hasn’t eaten any hay and I haven’t seen her drink anything. I offered her some banana and she had a tiny nibble but not much at all. When should she start eating/drinking? I’m so worried Thanks so much
  10. Gelly

    How much is a neuter in your area?

    In New York, I haven't found for cheaper than $250 but most are between $400 and $700. I was always told the max range is really $250 and then it varies from there. Why is New York so expensive?
  11. cosmoluna

    Will my baby female rabbit fight my neutered male once she reaches sexual maturity?

    So around 3 weeks ago I adopted an 8 week old female holland lop as a companion for my 9 month old neutered male holland lop. I tried everything I heard about bonding, and for some reason it was love at first sight and the 2 are inseparable. my male grooms her, they cuddle, eat together, and he...
  12. Alyshia

    Spaying recovery

    Hey guys, my rabbit is nearing 2yo and I’m planning on getting her spayed. I never thought about spaying because she’s never around other rabbits but I just learned about the high risk of cancer for unspayed rabbits so I’ve reluctantly decided to spay her (the thought of her having to go under...
  13. B0nb0n

    Does still marking territory with pee after being spayed.

    Our almost 2 years old does got spayed over a month ago, they were always marking their territory with pee in their cage free room and on us, our sofa and bed. After they got spayed they stop humping each other and chinning everything. But they are still peeing on our bed :(. Is this normal? We...
  14. Kale Passfield

    Help bunnies eating fur.

    Hello I have 3 bunnies right now. 2 1/2 month lionhead dwarf Roxy, 7 month mini rex Jade and her 1 1/2year old mom (momma). Last Wednesday we got both momma and Jade spayed. For most part things have been good except starting yesterday I noticed they were overgrooming. Today I realize it wasnt...
  15. Velveteen Lop

    Spaying Two Bonded Females

    Hello! I know there are many threads on here regarding these types of questions, but every situation is different, so I'll share mine. I've rescued a mini lop/holland lop mix, about three or four months ago from a pet set free situation, and because she was set free with all her sons, they...
  16. Margarida Correia

    Is it safe to spay a rabbit before they become aggressive?

    My female rabbit is currently 3 months old. I've done research and found out that a female rabbit can be spayed at 4 months. I've also read that, when they reach that age, rabbits become aggressive and that that behavioral problem can be fixed by spaying. I have a few questions: - Do rabbits...
  17. kelly warren

    spayed incision

    I have a female rabbit who was just spayed February 14. The vet informed me to check her incisions regularly but not too often. I checked the day I brought her home, February 15th, & the incision was stitched together in a straight line. I checked again today and it seems more of a circular...
  18. T

    Spay and neuter

    I have a Male New Zealand rabbit and just recently got a Holland lop female. The previous owner which was a friend of mine told me she had gotten the Male neutered already but she didn't and I have seen the two of them humping each other and I can't afford to spay her or neuter him right now and...
  19. Scarly

    Territorial Bunny Getting Spayed - Advice?

    My 6 month old Lop x Rex is getting spayed in 2 weeks. Some back story: she had perfect litter habits until she was 4 months, now she likes to pee and poo anytime I mop, if blankets are washed etc, she also started peeing on the couch, so we don’t let her up anymore and infront of any closed...
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