can two unspayed females live together?

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Feb 12, 2020
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I live in a small town, and althrough there is a rabbit savvy in the city nearby, they don't do the neuter/spay procedure. My bunny is 8months old or something alike, and i think she would really like to have a friend to share life with! I looked in the internet and there is no place that's not a big city (6+ hours on car) that offers the procedure. My girl is very docile and althrough she hasnt been spayed, at least for now she hasn't presented any agressive behavior. Do you guys think i shoulg get her a female friend? there's plenty of space, since she is free roam. Until i make the bonding process, there's also a separate area where the other bunny can live until they bond.

I know it's not the ideal situation, but i would like to hear more opinions!
although* and should* sorry, english is not my native language
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It is recommended to get females spayed due to the high risk of uterine cancer 80% by 3-4 years old, but I do understand your situation. Maybe there is a rescue or shelter that has already spayed buns.
It is possible to bond two unspayed females but female/female bonds are harder to do and they are very fragile this is even with them being spayed.
It really depends on each individual rabbit. I would NOT recommend just going out and buying just any rabbit. If you have a rescue near you see if they will do bunny dates, hormones are going to play a huge factor in this. Some rescues may even know a vet that will do the spays and neutering.
You may even try to find a neutered male, I think this would be an easier bond than two females.

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