What to Expect After Spaying?

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Feb 14, 2023
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Arkansas, USA
We have two mini plush lops - "bonded" buck and doe. They've gotten along really well since we've had them (about 4 months). We got our buck spayed about 3 months ago. We weren't going to get our doe spayed - she is now 6 1/2 months old. But about 3 weeks ago, she must have come in heat because she began chasing our buck and (well, you know :oops: - being more aggressive toward him). There's lots more pellets out of their litter box, lots of loose fur in their pen, a little pee on the wall (I think it's her), and she seems to be licking him on his back so that there's a noticeable area of hair that is shorter than the rest. She has gone from a timid bunny to making a mess and terrorizing our sweet buck!

We've decided, and have scheduled, to have our doe neutered by a vet that is familiar with rabbits. We are not too concerned with her having the procedure. But we are wondering what changes in behavior and habits we will see afterward.
Will her litter box habits go back to the way they were?
Not sure where all the fur in their pen is coming from, but should this stop?
We like the fact that she's not as timid, but will she be timid like she was or more outgoing in some ways like she is now - more likely to interact with us?
Most obvious thing is that changes is that those hormonal frenzies go away. Which can be pretty extreme with some rabbits, false pregnancies can be a stress for everyone involved. there are several good reasons to spay pet does, yes, marking places with pee can also be hormonal.

I have two spayed does, activity level is somewhat lower than that of my intact ones (no frenzies, remember?), so they are a little more on the chubby side. Character didn't really change, Red still doesn't like being touched at 9years, Dotty is very patient with my buck and quite friendly, unless another rabbit get's into her territory, then it's war.

Your girl is going through a false pregnancy, that can include nest building, fur pulling, crankiness, and acting like on remote. That's a regular occurance with intact does.


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Thanks for the reply and information. Maggi has always been loving to Quin and we only plan to have the two so hopefully she will return to her calmer, friendly ways.

I've read some about false pregnancy but didn't consider that.

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