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    Henlo My rabbit (6mo old) always has some type of digestion problem, but for the past few days I noticed he would occasionally get a really watery kind of poop, not diarrhea, like a very thin light brown liquid, but then the poop would go back to normal so I wasn’t worried. But today, he left a...
  2. E

    Rabbit sitting in own poop! Please help

    I have a show rabbit that I keep at school. Recently, about a week ago, I bought a hammock for my rabbit and left it over the weekend and on Monday I cleaned out her cage and saw she was pooping in the hammock, in fact, the more I pay attention to her, the more I notice I only see her in the...
  3. Jessica08033

    baby bunny poop

    Hello, I just recently got a two month old female bunny. I’ve never had such a young bunny before. Her poop is mushy and it is in big clumps. I believe it’s tiny little balls all mushed together but it also really smells. It’s very different from my older bunny. Is this normal?
  4. Joscelyn Owens

    My bunny has a poopy Bottom. Why?

    I'm so worried about my rabbit. He has had this problem for a long time. I wash him and try to cut it off, but it's such a hassle. He runs,grunts, and tries to bite me. I'm worried I'm hurting him, but idk what else to do. He cant sit and holds his butt up. I thought I got it all off but maybe...
  5. M

    Poop in hair close to bottom.

    This is my first rabbit,and i noticed that the hair closed to the rabbits but are stuck together with poop.I have seen it poop and the poop is hard as it should be.My question is,should i let him clean himself or is there a way to clean him my self.
  6. C

    GI Stasis??? Help please!

    Hello, I have around a year old mini lop rabbit called Teddy. Today at around 3pm (so 13 hours ago), I noticed him laying in his litter box with his head rested on the side of it which he never does. I kept an eye on him and around 8pm (5 hours later) noticed he hadnt pooped, drunk at all or...
  7. A

    No polite way to say this...

    My rabbit's anus is very red and swollen. I was out of town for a week and had a friend come by to take care of him while I was gone. She texted me on Wednesday saying he wasn't eating, and I knew it was probably because he suffers from occasional poopy butt, where clods of feces get stuck and...
  8. Reemy

    Too much poop

    Hi, as all of you know I own two Angora rabbits Norman and Kiko and I noticed the past week that they have been pooping A LOT. Like literally in a few hours the entire cage is full of poop even though they have a litter box they still poop outside too. The poop even reaches outside the cage. I...