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  1. H

    Rabbit poop looks weird

    I went to feed my bunny and saw he pooped and it was not his usual pellet droppings and was very wet like. Should I be concerned?
  2. DennisGracie

    Megacolon? Inflamed digestive tract? Other? Help!

    Hello! I have posted one other time with the same issue my rabbit has been going through. I have not had much luck at my usual vets (who are rabbit savvy, but were stumped with Dennis) so they referred us to a special exotic vet and today we saw the head exotic vet who was very good &...
  3. DennisGracie

    Urgent advice please 🐰 poo issues

    Sorry if formatting is wrong - this is my first post here. so the last few weeks my rabbit Dennis has been leaving marks behind where he sits and eats his cecotropes (see pics below). We’ve been to the vet 3 times about this (Taylor vets), and saw 3 different vets who have all given different...
  4. chibibun

    Poopy butt

    As you can tell by the title, one of rabbits is suffering from a poopy butt. I tried wiping it off with warm paper towels but its stuck right under his tail and hardened into his fur. He doesnt even sit still during nail clippings, which isnt painful so I cant imagine how I could take off this...
  5. M

    Please help I'm concerned about my rabbits poo!

    Hi so today my bunny is acting completely normal, I let him out of his pen and he popped twice in a more liquidy big consistency. I've been trying to find a photo that mat he's so that I know but cannot figure out what is wrong. I put him back in his pen and he has been laying on his stomach...
  6. chofamily

    White heavy fluid in litter box overnight. Need help!

    This morning, when cleaning up the bunny cages, I noticed that Popper the Dwarf Hotot had this white heavy fluid over his poops. Looks more recent than his overnight urine that is absorbed into the litter pellets. Other than 1) us giving the bunnies their nighttime greens in their cages (b/c...
  7. P

    Weird poop or normal poop?

    Please hqve a look at my 4 month old bunny poops below? Is it normal in size? or should i be worried? It is not hard but a bit spongy and if i roll them on my fingers they do break with lot of visible fibers. But i think the size looks big...Please help...Should i be worried? They are on...
  8. aphxea

    rabbit’s poop is smaller than usual?

    i’ve just come back from a four day long trip out of state and was unable to bring my rabbit with me. luckily my local pet stop took in rabbits to be boarded (pet hotel type of thing) and with my observations they seemed to take good care of them (some rabbits being given good space, hay...
  9. K


    Hi i just got home and I check my bunnies poop every jight and this has never been seen before I have no idea if i’m making this post in the right area so i’m so sorry i’m frantic right now and so worried I found this in his poop and I cant figure out what bugs they are or what and if this is...
  10. b.tate

    Maintaining clean fur

    Hi there, my bunny keeps on having her poop sticking to her fur near her bum area, I do clean it off but build up occurs quite quickly. Any advice for helping her? She is a half dwarf half Angora bunny so she does have a lot of fur and is very soft, she maintains herself well other than in this...
  11. Sweet Potato rabbit

    Is my bunny ok?

    I just adopted a 1-yr old dwarf two weeks ago. Today I noticed some small poop, a few double poop and lots of mushy cecotropes which he hasn’t eaten. Although he usually doesn’t eat all his cecotropes, I think the excess cecotropes today might be because he had a treat and a leaf of bok choy...
  12. P

    Bunny pulling out matted fur

    Bunny pulling out fur Hi guys, My bunny is 3 years old and had a little case of a messy poop that got stuck to his fur. His poop has been normal since and I tried my best to get the poop that was stuck out (bum baths). His behaviour is completely normal, hopping around, eating and drinking...
  13. K

    Baby bunny licking himself

    So I have a baby bunny about a week old. They just opened their eyes yesterday. After I feed him I been trying to get him to pee but I can’t get him to pee no matter how much I stimulate him. But I did notice in the box where he sleeps there is tiny poops. And one day when I was feeding him he...
  14. K

    Mucus in poop?!

    Hi! I look through my buns poop every night, and noticed some wetness on two pieces tonight, and i think it may have been mucus? He is eating and drinking still though, could this just be a passing thing from a new treat he had and i just make sure it doesn’t get worse or should I make a vet...
  15. momochubbybunny

    Loose Stools

    About more than a week ago, my three-year-old holland lop's poops started getting really small, about less than half its usual size. I tried to give him some simethicone but that didn't really help. A few days after, he started getting loose stools along with the small poops so I decided to take...
  16. X

    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    So a little background info, my bun is a 12 week old free roam lionhead (not sure if shes a mini or regular) and shes really good with using her litter box in the daytime, her daytime poops also look normal. She does eat her cecotropes but sometimes she might leave one or two in the litter box...
  17. Haru the Lionhead

    Litter box

    How do you guys set up your litter box?i saw a video and they said i can put a pee pad and hay over it and that’s it, and I’ve been doing that and it works fine. Today i saw a video of someone cleaning the litter box, it was the same, pee pad and hay, but the hay was on one side and the pee and...
  18. Haru the Lionhead

    Bunny eating poop

    Guys my bunny just pooped, normal poop, the one we see everywhere not the ones that they usually eat. And she ate it!! Is that okay? why would she do that!
  19. C

    Please help me! Could be GI stasis?

    Recently i got my bunny. He’s two months old. today he’s been awfully tired and didn’t do much. He started grinding his teeth. He also produced a lot of cecothropes (very smelly) He’s still eating fine. I need help.
  20. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Dark poo

    I’ve recently noticed my rabbits poo has gotten darker (like black) Does anyone know why? And how I could get them back to normal