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Aug 20, 2020
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Recently i got my bunny. He’s two months old. today he’s been awfully tired and didn’t do much. He started grinding his teeth. He also produced a lot of cecothropes (very smelly) He’s still eating fine. I need help.


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How long have you had him and are you feeding the exact same food as he had in his previous home(transition feed should have been sent home with you)? What is his exact diet(type and amount of pellets, hay, other foods)?

Are you sure he's not tooth purring from being content or during sleep? It would be unusual for a rabbit to grind their teeth in pain and still eat normally.
ive had him for five days. the previous home didn’t give us anything which now i think is bad. and i feel like it’s isc because we might’ve changed his diet fairly quickly. but today he pooped a lot of diarrhea. and tonight he’s so still. i put his water next to him and he would just sit there and didn’t even mind that he was wet. i’m really scared now cause it wasn’t as bad as it is today. by the way the exact diet is timothy hay & he has young rabbit pellets. we give him 1/8 of a cup of pellets & give him unlimited hay. water too obviously & we give him greens but just a little bit because he’s small.
If he is having actual diarrhea(not just mushy cecals and normal round fecal balls) where there aren't normal dry fecal balls being produced, this is an emergency! True watery or pudding like diarrhea in rabbits can be fatal, and sometimes within several hours if it is enterotoxemia caused by clostridium. Given that he is also subdued and lethargic, this change of behavior makes it very concerning. If this is what is going on and he has true diarrhea, you need to find an emergency vet right now that treats rabbits and have him treated for enterotoxemia with the meds cholestyramine to bind the bacterial toxins, and metronidazole to eliminate the harmful bacteria, as well as IV or sub q fluids to replace fluids and electrolytes lost.
Medirabbit (enteritis in rabbits)
Medirabbit (WARNING: contains graphic medical related photos, weaning diarrhea in young rabbits)
http://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/poop....Things Go,that inflames the intestinal lining.

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