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May 21, 2019
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Hey everyone!

So Floyd has had digestive trouble in the past so I get really touchy and picky about his poops!
Last night I got stuck in a storm and had to get my pet sitter to drop by the house to change his litter, give fresh hay, and let him run around for a very short (unfortunately) period of time. Then this morning I only got home around noon and he is used to being let out and given fresh hay at around 7 or 8 am. Basically his schedule was changed up a bit and the sitter didn't give him his bok choy.

Tonight I gave him his bok choy and checked his poops. They are plentiful but darker brown and almost moist and wet looking. He seems healthy and happy. Do you think it's just the wet bok choy after not getting any yesterday??


Ps. Some are longer, some are round, some are small all are kind of moist like water was dripped over them, but not drippy or breaking.

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