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  1. Lola56

    Help! Cat attack

    Hi everyone, unfortunately yesterday I had a neighbours cat get in and jumped into the rabbits pen, and jumping out with one of the 6 week old babies. Before any obvious harm was done I was able to frighten the cat to drop the bunny. Yesterday he was in shock, I put him on a hot water bottle in...
  2. Poppythebunbun

    Bunny falling over! Help!

    Today I’ve noticed that my poor rabbit is suddenly very unbalanced, she has been moving around low to the ground and sort of wobbling around as if she’s dizzy trying to balance herself. When she tries to stand up on her feet to sniff around she instantly looses her balance and falls to the side...
  3. L

    My rabbit's stomach is gurgling

    My rabbit wasnt eating for three days straight and i force fed her and then she slowly started eating her greens. Suddenly he stopped eating again and his stomach is frequently gurgling so loud. I'm taking him to vet tomorrow, but most of the vet here specializes on dogs and cats only. Do you...
  4. M

    Help! Rabbit not eating (seems to have gas)

    Buttercup is over two years old and he hasn’t been eating for the past few hours. He refuses everything we give him, even pellets and banana (his favourites). We tried feeding him Ovol drops but nothing is working. He’s laying around and stretching a lot. Sometimes he runs around for a bit and...
  5. B

    Rabbit not eating or pooping after spay.

    Hi there, I took my bun to get spayed this morning around 8am and picked her up around 4pm. Since then she’s been drinking a tiny bit of water here and there, but she’s really not interested in any kind of food or treat whatsoever. I have not seen her poop nor pee since bringing her home. The...
  6. H

    Bun eating less but is active

    Hello! I'm new to this forum stuff so I hope this thread gets posted lol. So, two days ago, I came back from a trip for five days and got my 10 month old bun from my friend's house. Since we came back, he hasn't eaten his pellets at all. He drinks less water and poops a lot less (his recent...
  7. C

    Dutchess not eating

    Dutchess not eating x 36 hours. Gave her Critical care and antigas liquids by syringe. Took her to vet . Has had teeth spurs trimmedtwice. Vet sees no tooth problems, said she is a little bloated. Is doing an xray. What might be wrong and what should i do? Is usuall avid eater of timothy hay...
  8. Claire3688

    GI Statis

    Hi all my 3 year old bunny Peter was lethargic and not eating on Sunday evening, we took him to the vets first thing Monday morning who said he was showing symptoms of statis. We have been giving his prescribed medicine but he’s showing not much sign of improvement. he has not been as mobile...
  9. Haru the Lionhead


    Guys help me! I woke up an hour ago and my bunny was sitting and when she saw me she fixed her position but she didn’t come to me. I left her thinking maybe she wants to sleep. After that I took her to my room, every time i move her cage she always gets excited and jumps around because she knows...
  10. P

    Bunny won’t eat after spay

    Both my rabbits got fixed today and my female isn’t eating or drinking. My male already seems back to normal. I’ve read a few things about females having a harder time after the surgery but when should I start to really worry? She seems uncomfortable and in pain. I’ve seen her pee a few times...
  11. S

    Help, wild baby rabbit will not eat

    So, I’m aware that this website is focused towards domestic rabbits, but I’m having a problem involving a wild rabbit. On April 5th, (4 days ago) a rabbit gave birth to 6 bunnies in my yard. We kept our distance and did not touch the nest. Fast forward to today, it was VERY windy and the...
  12. Breezekoz

    G.I STASIS??!!

    Hello everyone, My rex bunny isn't acting himself. He did not come to his dish for dinner time, and I can't get him to eat anything. Even his favorite treats. He is normally very active and loves attention. He is just laying in one spot with his head low. I pet him but he isn't really...
  13. D

    Rabbit eating nothing but treats

    Hi all I was wondering if you guys can help me! My rabbit Dexter hadn't been eating properly for a week or so, but only the last few days his food intake suddenly dropped. I took him to the vets yesterday and they couldn't find anything obviously wrong with him, but did a blood test (will...
  14. Krissy

    Sick bunny? Bloated?

    Hi, this morning before I went to work I fed my rabbit, I didn't notice much wrong, thought she was chilling in her cage as usual, got home noticed she was acting strange, I always let her run around the living room for exercise she wouldn't let me pick her up. She was grunting and squealing...
  15. Liz S

    Help! Bunny is on medication but still isn't eating or drinking on his own.

    I took my rabbit to the vet yesterday after noticing that he had not eaten or drank anything, he had some sort of infection. They gave me antibiotics and also some stuff to get his gut moving, I can't remember the name of it. The vet also gave him his first dose of both the antibiotics and some...
  16. xbject


    My bunny has a whole room to herself and when we take her out she’s usually happy to come out unless she’s a little sleepy but today was different. I would look in her tunnel and see if she just needed a little waking up to show her she can come out but every time i would check on her she would...
  17. Redrabbit

    Spayed rabbit not eating

    Hi, Our sweet bunny was spayed today and is so sad. She hasn’t eaten any hay and I haven’t seen her drink anything. I offered her some banana and she had a tiny nibble but not much at all. When should she start eating/drinking? I’m so worried Thanks so much
  18. blwinteler

    My rabbits are acting out of sorts. Please help!

    Hey, So, Buggs has been doing amazing. He and Groucho are getting along great and insisted on sharing a cage again. The abscess has been gone for a few months now. Anyway, I let them out of their cage for several hours every evening. During which, they run around, play, and enjoy a few...
  19. G

    My rabbit is acting really wierd. HELP!

    My rabbit (gopher) has been acting really wierd for the past hour and a half... He hasnt been eating his food for atleast an hour now, hes ignoring carrots. About 10 minutes ago was just thumping over and over. He stopped thumping after i turned of the Washing Machine (it was beeping) but hes...
  20. C

    Rabbit is unwell, advice on why she’s ill?

    Hi, Chestnut is 6yrs +abit old, and she is ill. Last night she was not moving around the house, just staying in one place for ages and sitting by places she doesn’t usually go to. she was not eating and drinking much, her pee was dark yellow/ orange and she didn’t eat her fav treats like normal...