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Jun 30, 2022
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Today I’ve noticed that my poor rabbit is suddenly very unbalanced, she has been moving around low to the ground and sort of wobbling around as if she’s dizzy trying to balance herself. When she tries to stand up on her feet to sniff around she instantly looses her balance and falls to the side then runs to hide under her bed as if nothing happened. A few moments ago I was watching her and she was walking slowly then stood still for a few seconds then fell over to the side as if she passed out for a second, she quickly got up and ran to hide. I’ve never seen her act this way before so I am very worried, does anyone know what could be causing this and should I take her to a vet ASAP? 😨

It is now night and my mum is out working so I cannot take her to the vet right now, I will see if she is any better in the morning but if not I will beg my mum to take her to the vet, if she is better should I still take her to the vet?

Some more info: I did see her drinking her water but I haven’t seen her eating as much as she usullay does. I literally just set up a new enclosure for her yesterday and moved her into it and ever since that night that’s when I’ve been noticing this. I got her a small wooden bed that she can just about squeeze underneath, I only introduced her to this bed yesterday so I fear that since she wasn’t used to it she may have somehow injured her self with it. I feel like she could have ran into the wood of the bed and hit her head (possible concussion?) because I did hear a crash last night but I didn’t actually see what happened, when I looked she was right next to the bed. She may have ran into it or possibly she was already loosing her balance from that point so the noise could have been her falling into the wood of the bed. The noise maybe could have been her jumping off of the bed but I really don’t know 😔. I didn’t think much of it and went to sleep so I’m not sure when she started loosing her balance, I only noticed it when I woke up this morning. She was perfectly fine yesterday. She has been laying down most of the day hiding under the new bed but she still responds to her name and grinds her teeth like she usually does when she is relaxed.

Sorry I know I’ve written so much, I just want to make sure to include every detail 😥. Another thing is that I gave her watermelon last night, this was her first time trying it, when I dropped it in her cage she couldn’t seem to find it which I assumed was because she’s not used to these new surroundings. I also ate some of this watermelon, could it possibly be food poisoning?? Because (this may be completely unrelated) when I woke up I was quite dizzy too, it felt like the room was spinning, this has never happened to me before and I found it hard to balance but it went away after about 20 minutes, a bit strange that both me and my bun were experiencing dizziness but I’m fine now and she is still very unbalanced?? My wall was covered in mold which I scrubbed off and painted over a few days ago and now her enclosure is right against that wall, could this have something to do with it? I’m really worried about her, please advise me😭!


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Sep 10, 2012
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If there's a chance you both could have ingested or inhaled toxins and been poisoned, either from the mold being breathed in, from a toxin in the watermelon, or even possibly lead poisoning from something in the new area, you really should contact your mom immediately, as you may need to be seen at A&E, even though you're now feeling better. If it was a toxin, it could still be in your system. And your rabbit should also be seen by a knowledgeable rabbit vet as soon as possible. It could be a toxin, or it could be head trauma and that's causing loss of balance, or what you're describing in your rabbit could possibly be seizures.

If it's not trauma or a toxin, your rabbit may have developed vestibular disease, which is usually caused by a middle/inner ear infection or the parasite e. cuniculi. Even if she is acting better in the morning, she still needs to be checked by a knowledgeable rabbit vet, as all these are serious health concerns and need the proper medical treatment. Your rabbit will need the appropriate medications, will probably need regular syringe feeds if she's not eating well, and may need supportive towel rolls put around her to help keep her upright.

Medirabbit: causes of seizures

Medirabbit: ear infection clinical signs and treatment

So please contact your mom to see if you need to be seen at A&E immediately, and also to tell her about your bunny having similar symptoms of feeling dizzy/loss of balance. I would also strongly urge taking your bunny out of this new area until you can be sure it wasn't a toxin from the new area making your rabbit sick, or you as well.

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