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  1. mollyisthecoolest

    Male rabbit nesting again!

    I have a 7 month old male rabbit. He sometimes makes nests and when he does this, he usually runs around with hay in his mouth and makes a small nest in his ‘bedroom’. He spends no more than an hour on these nests. Today, i tried to give him his breakfast and put him in his outside pen but he...
  2. LetaRayn

    Can two males bond?

    Hello guys I have un neutered male rabbit, he is almost 3 years. And there is another male rabbit I want to rescue and he is also un neutered. My question is can they bonded even both of them are males and not neutered? Can being them living together is possible? Is there any tips or tricks...
  3. Crazyclare

    What sex

    My babies will be 4 week old on Saturday wondering if anyone knows roughly from pictures what sex they could be.
  4. K

    Should I get him Neutered

    Hi! I have a Netherland Dwarf Male who is going onto 6 months old now, and he is honestly great. He uses the potty where he should, gets his privacy when he wants it, and comes and gives me kisses a lot. The only problem i’ve had is when I try to pick him up it’s usually a process haha, he...
  5. T

    My bunny hates me

    Hello , I’ve had my bunny since he was 6 months old he’s now about a year and a half and he absolutely hates me . He won’t let me hold him or pet him . He will take treats from my hand but anything more then that he hates . He allows my mom to pet him and that’s it . If I walk to close to him he...
  6. L

    Rehoming male lionhead, Gainesville GA

    Over the past few months I've come to the decision to re-home one of my lionhead rabbits, Graham. It's been really difficult, but the situation he is in right now is not ideal and I would rather him be with someone who could give him a better life. He and his brother live in my room together but...
  7. J

    New brothers are fighting!!

    Yesterday I got 2 male rabbits. I was told they are half brothers. One brother, George, was the runt of the litter. His mother died directly after giving birth and so he was hand raised. The other brother, Lucas, has a different mom but same dad, a flemish giant. They were kept in a large horse...
  8. cosmoluna

    When can I officially call my bunnies bonded?

    Hi Everyone!! I’m so excited to finally say after 4 long months of separation and bonding dates, my two buns have FINALLY figured it out and have been living together in a pen for the past 4 days. I have not had to separate them, there has been no fighting, nipping, or aggression. On Friday...
  9. J

    Age females stop conceiving....

    So I ran into an issue last night. I purchased a rabbit from someone who claims they had lots of experience with rabbits and was sure that this rabbit I was purchasing was a female. I already have an unspayed female at home so I was hoping that I could give my Thumper a friend for while I am...
  10. cosmoluna

    Trying to mount, turns into a tornado?

    Hi- so after 2 months of bonding through an X pen, I have been reintroducing my two fixed bunnies after my female was spayed. They went 24 hours together free roaming with no fighting, lots of grooming, cuddling, and binkying, but last night my female started trying to mount my male since she is...
  11. Tabi

    Bunny won't stop humping new baby bunny?

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding my 5 year old mini lop cross. We recently had his bonded female Luna pass away, and he was absolutely distraught. He has been incredibly needy so we decided to adopt a new baby bunny. He's been licking her and sleeping with her, and she's been cuddling...
  12. cosmoluna

    bunny digging at other bunny after spay?

    hi all- so yesterday morning my bunny luna got spayed. before this, luna and cosmo (male) would free roam in my room 24/7 together happily with no fighting for around 3 months. just grooming, cuddling, and playing. when luna returned from surgery, she was really cold all over and i had to stay...
  13. LetaRayn

    What is this?

    Hello guys Today when I picked up my rabbit I noticed something near the private eara and I didn't know what is it? When I bought it they told me she is a female but know I think she is a male so I will put some pictures to the private eare and I hope you guys know what is it? Is there...
  14. EmilyJayneHarlow


    I have a 2 year old male, dwarf lop (he is neutered), and I’m thinking of getting a female mini lop. I’m wanting to get a baby, as I had my male from a baby, What’s the best way to bond the two? Does the age make a difference to bonding?. My male seems a bit lonely sometimes so wanting to...
  15. N

    8yr Old Male Rabbit In Heat

    I know male rabbits don’t go into “heat” but that’s the best way to describe his behavior. He is not neutered as I adopted him when he was 6 and the vet said he was too old to have the surgery. He lives with a spayed female rabbit that he has been bonded with for over 2 years now and in the...
  16. Rachel Hill

    Is this Bad????

    I've had Grey (Male//Lionhead) for about 6 months and I just adopted Millie (Female//Dutch) about 2 weeks ago. Is it bad that I have my cages set up so they can see and smell each other? I have to keep them separated for a while until Grey gets neutered at the beginning of next month, but I want...
  17. AmberKoenders

    Please help me with my humping and spraying bunny

    - Please don't get upset about my spelling; English is not my native language and I am trying ;) - - note beforehand: I don't really have the money to get him fixed - So 2 years ago I 'rescued' a bunny from my friends student house and he (the bunny) has been a problem ever since. He was about...
  18. C

    Bunnies Fighting!!

    Hello! I need help! I have 2 holland bucks that I rescued from a hoarding situation that are 5 months old now. Both were neutered 3 weeks ago. When I first got them at 8 (ish) weeks, there was a scuffle during a "bunny date" that resulted in a bleeding ear. I eased up on the bonding for a week...
  19. Jigzitta


    So first of all I got this handsome little boy off from Craigslist not too long after my Rosemary passed away, because I needed a new bunny to cuddle, and he was offered to me when I made a post about needing a new bunny for therapy. I know it can be dangerous getting pets from there, but he...
  20. Jigzitta

    What breed of rabbit is Junior?

    Could someone please help me and let me know? I just got him. He has really shiny black fur, almost like velvet.