What breed is my rabbit?

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Sarah alford

Jul 17, 2019
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When I got my 10 week old baby I was told she is a netherland Dwarf, however her ears are too long.

Just out of curiosity what breed is she? I believe netherland Dwarf Cross English spot

Thank you IMG_20190717_164246.jpg 15633798080634181089205186628868.jpg
I have seen some dwarf Hotots that color, but this could also be a Netherland. I believe the coloring is called "Piebald." His ears do look a little long and his face is a little too pointed for a dwarf. Not all rabbits born to dwarf rabbits end up as dwarfs. Sometimes a bunny is born that does not inherit the dwarf gene, so maybe this is a "false dwarf."
Reminds me soo much about rex bunnies, with how the spots are. ^^

Wait until your bunny reach 6 month and she will get more form than as a kit [emoji5]
That term (piebald) is only used in Hotot and Dwarf Hotots, which this rabbit does not seem to be.

The color is "broken black otter".

It could be a Netherland Dwarf cross. I would also believe it if somebody told me it was a poorly bred (pet breeder) Netherland Dwarf. Definitely not an English Spot cross

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