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  1. Lola56

    17 day old kit dragging back legs

    Hi, I have a 17 day old litter of buns and notice one of them is dragging his back legs. I did the pinch test and has feeling in one leg for definite, but I don’t think the other. He’s eating and drinking fine and still has bladder control. Is there any possibility of him regaining feeling in...
  2. V

    Please help! Runny bunny eyes and vets are stumped

    Hi, this is the first time I’ve ever posted to a forum website and it’s a bit of a long description so apologies in advance but I’m really hoping I can’t be the only person with a bunny in this situation... We had a pair of bunnies for about 4 years, they live outdoors in a bunny shed with a...
  3. K

    Poop changes?

    Hi! I’ve had my bun for 4 months now and this is the first time there’s been a poop change so i’m quite nervous! I dug through all of his poop and the photos are my findings (I look at his poop everyday, always making sure there’s never a change since I was told it’s a big thing and so I have...
  4. Haru the Lionhead


    Guys help me! I woke up an hour ago and my bunny was sitting and when she saw me she fixed her position but she didn’t come to me. I left her thinking maybe she wants to sleep. After that I took her to my room, every time i move her cage she always gets excited and jumps around because she knows...
  5. dynamic_butterscotch

    Rabbit & Ivy

    My rabbit willow has dental disease and I am used to her mood and interest in food fluctuating after about a month of not having her teeth filed down. But she abruptly became hesitant to eat and her behavior has shifted. I am unsure what is going on. I do know that she took a small bite out of...
  6. T

    Lice treatment

    Hi, my rabbit is two years old. Yesterday we noticed little black poops in his fur and today after washing him with regular rabbit shampoo I start to brush him and noticed lice (it’s live near rabbit tail). Because of coronavirus we can’t visit our vet and shops in my country don’t have much...
  7. Shedua

    Rim around rabbit's eye is red?

    I was petting my rabbit Mac this morning before letting him out of his cage for the day, and I noticed one of his eyes has a slight red tint around it that his other eye does not have. The corner of his eye is very red and it looks a tiny bit swollen. When I gently ran my finger over it he...
  8. Bambithebunny

    Bunny bald patch? Irritated please help!!

    Hello everyone! So last friday I was grooming my bunny and I usually pluck out the hair around her tail with my hand. Of course I don't pull too much, just enough to make the already loose hair fall. Anyways I noticed that there was a lot of hair falling out a bit over her left back leg and when...
  9. A

    Baby bunny

    Hi everyone, new to this forum. We bought a female rabbit and she ended up having babies a week later. It was a surprise to us and we were not ready. We did our best to accommodate her and the new babies, she had 3 and only one survived, he lived to be 4 weeks and yesterday we found him dead in...
  10. tayler

    are my bunny poops healthy?

    his poops have always been a bit dark and soft and i never thought anything of it hes around 2-4 months and he eats alfalfa hay and about a cup of different greens a day im really concerned because i heard that bunny poops are supposed to be dryer and have chewed up hay in them but his dont just...
  11. D

    black spot on rabbits skin

    Recently my rabbit started to shed (at least I think she has). It happened seemingly out of nowhere and I sort of confused. At first, I thought everything was fine and started to brush her. Whilst brushing her she would flinch when a brushed past a certain spot and once again I brushed it off...
  12. Tonythelop

    Vets closed!! Possible GI stasis??

    Hi everyone! I’m new to this site but could use some insight today. I have a male lop who is 2.5 years old. He has grown very fond of my parents as they give him all his favourite treats and foods! They went out of town yesterday and he is used to hanging with them in their bedroom at night but...
  13. Helen Thomas

    Bladder Stone?

    My rabbit is a 3 year old mini-lop, today I found what looks like a white stone in his litter tray, is this a bladder stone? Is this something to worry about, should I take him to the vet? He doesn't seem sick and is acting quite normally. Not sure how serious this!
  14. M

    HELP, bunny won’t pee or poop

    I’ve come into recent possession of a wild rabbit, the rabbit looks to only be a few days old (ears or eyes haven’t opened yet). My dog attacked a herd? of these baby rabbits and out of the three found only one was left alive however wounded. The little buddy has been eating very well (about...
  15. allyxoxo

    Odd Behavior

    I have a five and half old female rabbit. Normally she always tries to run out of the cage to play whenever I go to give her food, and I let her run around the house for a few hours before putting her away. She had babies two weeks ago and she’s been feeding them and cleaning them. Today when I...
  16. Belle rabbit

    Very sore spot on my rabbits neck scared it’s an abscess

    I have pictures of the process of this spot to today’s date scroll to the bottom of all the information for the pictures. So since May 19 I noticed a bit of redness to my bunnys neck/dewlap and looked kinda like a hot spot. I put cream on it and it started to heal. I’ve watched it everyday...
  17. Briannamb310

    in shock?

    hello! Im still new to the bun world. I’ve had him about a year and half. Today I went outside and discovered my bunny was out of his cage roaming around my dogs. So instinctively I grabbed him. He started breathing heavily , painting and all. He didn’t calm down for about an hour and a half ...
  18. A

    Help, rabbit babies not feeding !!

    June 1 my 5 month old rabbit had seven babies. She had made a nest in her cage, but I read that the nest should be somewhere clean and her cage was dirty so I moved them into a new nest in a clean cage for them. At first she would jump on them, but lately she just lays down near them and kind of...
  19. L


    My bunny has come up with this lump, it might be a spot? There is a little crusty bit. She seems fine and let me touch/have a look at it 20190524_075759 by Lderoz posted May 24, 2019 at 10:21 AM20190524_075826 by Lderoz posted May 24, 2019 at 10:21 AM
  20. Helen Thomas

    Recycled Paper Cat Litter & Sore Hocks

    Does anyone know if recycled paper cat litter pellets can cause sore hocks? I switched from using Carefresh to the recycled paper pellets just before Xmas and a couple of weeks later my rabbit had sore hocks. As he is a house rabbit I put this down to the carpet and put fleece blankets down...