Very sore spot on my rabbits neck scared it’s an abscess

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Belle rabbit

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Jun 18, 2019
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I have pictures of the process of this spot to today’s date scroll to the bottom of all the information for the pictures.

So since May 19 I noticed a bit of redness to my bunnys neck/dewlap and looked kinda like a hot spot. I put cream on it and it started to heal.

I’ve watched it everyday and she started to chew it at first and lick it non stop I had a cream I was given by my guineapigs vet 3 years ago. It’s called Bactroban it’s antibiotic ointment for skin infection or removing bacteria from the skin I used it on my guineapigs sore feet.

It started getting better when I put that cream on but belle would always lick it off and the spot has gotten so much worse.

At first it just felt like dry flaky scaby skin on her neck no lump or swellings.

But I checked it tonight and it feel more rounded Im so worried I have speculations from reading up stuff if it’s, over grooming, or ringworm, or abscess.
I came to the conclusion of overgrooming since my rabbit is 8 pounds and I figured she was just struggling to groom herself.

If anyone knows what this is or if it’s an emergency not good money wise at the money and it’s gotten worse since last night when I looked to now.

This is the process of her spot.

May 19: this is the day I first spotted the spot on my bunny neck and figured she just over groomed by accident. So I was gonna watch it overnight to see how it looks later.

May 20: this was the second day after finding the spot on May 19 I decided that overnight it looked more sore decided to try some of the Bactroban ointment.

May 23: seen an improvement overnight after putting the ointment on.

May 25: started to heal again stopped applying ointment here.

June 1: started to see the spot coming back again.

June 6: started to become looking like a hot spot again.

June 9: I decided to put Bactroban ointment on the spot again here.

June 14: after the cream it started to heal up.

June 16: I felt happy with it and left it alone here no more cream

June 18: was rubbing my bunny’s head and chin and I felt a hardness to it so I freaked out again and put more ointment on it.
This picture was taken after I put the cream on,belle started to lick it off the ointment is clear.

If anyone knows what this is or if it’s an emergency not good money wise and it’s gotten worse since last night when I looked to now.
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