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  1. C

    Baby bunnies genders and father behaviour towards them

    Hi I have 8 healthy baby rabbits they are 6 and a half weeks old and I cannot tell which are females and which are males. Also some are small enough to go threw the fencing of the fathers enclosure and when they do the father mounts them is that normal??
  2. T

    Rabbit too 'mature' to give kisses.

    Anybody else have a rabbit who became less 'childish' and more 'mature' as they grew into adulthood? He used to lick me a lot as baby without wanting to be petted in return. Churro still happily greets me when he hasnt seen me in a while, running around me in circles (left to right and right...
  3. PeterDussan31

    Should I be going to a ER?

    My baby has been shaking/trembling most times he lies down since tuesday. Like when flops, or chills on his side..Ive called a couple vets offices but they tell me to just keep and eye out. That they dont have any available appointments until two weeks from now. Apart from this behavior we dont...
  4. B

    Advice needed on baby bunny care!

    Hello, I’m new to rabbits. We got two baby Holland Lop bunnies on Christmas Eve. They’re the sweetest little creatures. I want to make sure we’re taking the best care of them and I’m a little lost (especially because almost everything I read about rabbits is about adult rabbits.) I was told the...
  5. L

    Black Chinchilla Doe x Blue Harlequin Buck

    What will the combination of a black chinchilla and blue harlequin rabbit with babies look like? I’m very curious to see what the babies will look like! The buck (blue harlequin) has many blue/fawn tricolors and orange/black tricolors. He also has a lot of creams and one broken cream. He has one...
  6. BunRabit

    3 month old bunnies need a home in Pennsylvania!!

    Hey everyone. I rescued three babies a little while ago from being snake food. They were all born May 5th and are all boys. They are decently litter trained (no pee anywhere but litter box), and are very sociable. So above is Norman. Such a sweet bunny. He is the smallest of the three Above is...
  7. K

    Baby bunny licking himself

    So I have a baby bunny about a week old. They just opened their eyes yesterday. After I feed him I been trying to get him to pee but I can’t get him to pee no matter how much I stimulate him. But I did notice in the box where he sleeps there is tiny poops. And one day when I was feeding him he...
  8. EclipseTheLionhead

    Rabbit had kits. Help!

    Yesterday Eclipse had diarrhea, with force feeding her hay and pellets its cleared up abit (not fully back to normal, not big and round like they used to be). Last night I was hanging out with her and she attacked me. This wasn't like her so I check her dig box and I see SIX BABY KITS THAT...
  9. Pinkiepets

    Peanut kit

    Hi guys! So my bunny had two beautiful kits and one peanut. So I don’t know what to do with the peanut… The other baby bunnies are eating a lot but the peanut is starving, I tried feeding it with a syringe but it won’t eat , I feel really bad I just let it die what do I do ?!☹️
  10. S

    Nearly 6 week old babies' diet help

    We have two rabbits as of yesterday, both almost 6 weeks old on Saturday. The previous owner separated them from their mother too young, at two weeks. She started them on a diet of vegetables way too early and the wrong bunny pellets (with grains, flowers and other vegetables). They are now on...
  11. C

    Out of my depth! Kit not getting enough milk

    Hi all, firstly I hope I'm posting this in the correct thread. But my doe gave birth to 2 babies 5 days ago, it was an accidental pregnancy and I'm very out of my depth and so unprepared. I've been checking in on them a couple times a day cause I am very anxious it feels like they're my own kids...
  12. B

    Youngster and adult bonding

    Hi everyone! I’ve tried to read through a few threads but can’t find anything really matching my situation so thought to reach out for help. I have two girls bonded who are 7 months old and both spayed, they were from the same litter and so have always been bonded and lovely to each other, Dora...
  13. E

    Need help!! How long do I need to wait??

    First time posting, hopefully this is within guidelines. my wife and I purchased a new home this summer. About 6-7 weeks ago, a horrible thing happened. I was walking through our grass (which was pretty thick) and accidentally stepped on a baby bunny. He did not make it. This has haunted me, to...
  14. J

    HELP fighting brothers supposed to go to new home

    Hello! My baby bunnies were together at my house. They’ve lived happily but are now fighting! I’ll explain from the beggining below. My wife and I owned 2 mini holland lops. They accidentally got together before we could neuter/spay and so 31 days later we had a celebration of 7 baby bunnies...
  15. Y

    Need advice

    Hi my name is Yessi i’m a mommy to Grumdrop(1yr) and Ophelia(2 1/2mo) I’ve had ophelia for about 3 weeks & gumdrop didn’t seem to mind or acknowledge her around, until today when I noticed her grooming Ophelia thru the cage which she did 3 separate times. I did a speedy date the day before but...
  16. P

    Baby bunnies, need advice?

    I just got two baby bunnies and I thought they were older when I bought them but they are actually a little over 4 weeks old. I know this is too young but the guy I bought them from told me they were eating pellets and didn’t need milk anymore and I trusted him. Will they be okay on pellets and...
  17. R

    Baby bunny going backwards

    Hey! So my Lionhead doe gave birth 9 days ago... she had 6 babies but I pulled the nest because 4 of them froze after they fell out after feeding. I’ve been bringing mom in everyday at the same time to feed. Now her babies started out healthy, the 2 that I have are not growing, they are bony and...
  18. C

    Do my rabbits dislike me?

    Hi, I've got two 11 week old mini lops, one boy and one girl. They live indoors with me and seem settled, flopping and binkying a lot. I try to pick them up once a day and sometimes they accept the cuddle and sometimes get fidgety and jump down but they also get quite jumpy and run away when I'm...
  19. B

    My baby bunnies died!

    I just went to feed my bunny and found that she had 6 kits. They all died. She didn’t even pull fur for a nest! Will she always be a bad mom or is it just cause it is her first time. I’m afraid to breed her again. Any suggestions?
  20. Emma Walker

    Help with bunny breed

    Hi, I have 3 baby bunnies however have no idea of their age (they’re sitting at around 400g currently. They have been weaned but are small - around the size of a guinea pig) or their breed. They’re from the same litter. Could anyone help me with identifying them at all?! Thank you in advance...