Black Chinchilla Doe x Blue Harlequin Buck

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Sep 13, 2020
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What will the combination of a black chinchilla and blue harlequin rabbit with babies look like? I’m very curious to see what the babies will look like! The buck (blue harlequin) has many blue/fawn tricolors and orange/black tricolors. He also has a lot of creams and one broken cream. He has one broken orange, one harlequin, one blue chinchilla, and one lilac frosted pearl (great grandparents). The doe (black chinchilla) has many broken colors and chinchillas. She has chestnut, chocolate chestnut, 2 chocolate gold tipped steels (great grand parents), 2 blacks, a Fawn, smoke pearl and frosted pearl. So, there’s a little genetic challenge! What do you think the babies will look like?
Chestnuts are most likely. They might have some faint harlequin markings on them. Beyond that we can't know for sure, it depends on what they carry. What are the parents of each of them?
The buck’s (blue harlequin) parents are both blue fawn tricolors. The doe’s (black chinchilla) father is black chinchilla and the mother is a broken chestnut.
Those parents don't really tell us any additional information about what they might carry (blue fawn tricolor is just broken blue harlequin, and chinchilla is recessive to broken chestnut, so we don't get any information about recessive genes), so we can't know for certain. The only thing that we know is that any color dominant to chestnut will not in that cross. No brokens and no steels

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