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  1. S

    Surprise litter - please help me!!

    Hello! I have what I was told were two female mini lops...however, it turns out that one was actually a boy after discovering a nest and some wiggling hay. :confused: Can anyone help me with what I need to do? I’m so scared the kits will die and am terrified of looking in case the mother...
  2. B

    Rabbit is due to give birth tomorrow

    Our mini lop rabbit is due to give birth tomorrow. She escaped our house almost 31 days ago (we are getting her spayed, to make sure we don’t have any more litters after this) and she was out for about an hour. There are lots of rabbits in the area and she has been pregnant once before so we...
  3. C

    Need advice!

    Hello, I recently found out that one of my 4 rabbits was actually a boy instead of what we thought was a girl. 2 of the rabbits are girls and 1 fixed boy. Everyone told and agreed that he was a girl. Anyways so we found out that he was a boy and we think that at least 1 of our 2 female rabbits...
  4. DorinaC

    Genitals and Anus Red - Warning - Graphic Image

    Hello guys! I am a new mommy of an around 3 months old Kia (champagne coloured lionhead). I still don't know if Kia is male or female because of the age. Today in our cuddle session I did my weekly check: nails, ears, teeth and poo place and I got a really big scare. The whole anus/reproductive...
  5. S


    Okay, so i have 8 rabbits, six of which are only about 4 or 5 weeks old. Ive treated the two adults with advantage for fleas. But i need advice for the little ones. We are moving soon and the fleas have gotten really bad. Anybody know what i can do?