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  1. Crazyclare

    What sex

    My babies will be 4 week old on Saturday wondering if anyone knows roughly from pictures what sex they could be.
  2. I

    Mom, dad, and babies ready to be rehomed

    Two adult bunnies (one male and one female who were born late Feb 2020) and five cute babies are ready to be adopted! The male adult is neutered but not the female. The babies are about one month old and still nursed by the mom. I don't know the gender for the babies We are also including a big...
  3. Joanne Armstrong

    My gorgeous girl give me reason to smile again

    So it been a terrible month my Nan passed away, then Charlotte ate her litter, Reggie killed all hers and sadly my beloved dad past away last week. But today I found my gorgeous Stevie had given me reason to smile as I found several little bundles of joy in her home. I couldn't be more pleased...
  4. S

    Mama had some babies... what now

    My female mini Lopp just had some babies this morning I’m not too sure how many I can’t see that fully covered. However I’m not sure if I should be feeding her something special to give her some extra nutrients so like vitamins or something just so she feels well. What’s better to give her...
  5. M

    New mother won’t eat pellets?

    Hi, everyone! I’m new here and I’m looking for help. (My questions are at the bottom if you don’t want to read the whole backstory!) I’ve got two lop mixes and I was told by their breeder that they were both males. They were about 8 months when I got them and I’ve had them for about 5 months...
  6. cupcakexo

    How can I save the 3rd litter of babies?

    Hey All.. My bunny is now 6 months old, and has had two previous unsuccessful litters. The first time, she was too young and didn’t know what to do. She gave birth to them all over the cage, and they all eventually died as I tried to hand feed them with KMR as advised by vet. They died within 3...
  7. B

    HELP! My bunnie has not given birth yet!

    So I bought a French lop from a lady and she said she was pregnant when I bought her she said that the rabbit was due March 15. She has not had her kits yet she isent nesting or anything this will be the rabbits first time delivering kits any information is welcome thank you!
  8. Aroomie

    First time Bunny mom

    Here's a question... My Angora recently had her first littler, it was a bit of a rough start because I had NO idea she was pregnant. (Her fur made it so hard to tell). She is 8-9 months in age. She was moved into a burrow house that I have, and everything was going very well! Her babies were...
  9. Jedi_Col

    Help with unexpected litter

    Hello! Let me start with a bit of backstory. About two months ago, we found a bunny in our yard that was clearly domestic. After catching it in a cage, we found for some help for finding a home after going door to door asking if anyone lost it. Then about 4 weeks ago, we find ANOTHER bunny...
  10. Rosy

    help!!!!! baby bunnies

    hi, i have rescued 5 baby bunnies and their mom from someone who was incapable of caring for them. apparently, the bunnies were born about a month ago. they were left in a garbage bag since they were assumed to be dead. When i arrived, i found them in the bag and the mom and dad walking on top...
  11. ashlea

    Breeding rabbit colours.

    I am trying to learn about the dominate colours in mini lop rabbits. We have a seal point male (left) We are thinking of breeding him and wondering what colours he will throw. I know he has vienna and harlequin in his background. Looking at the orange broken butterfly colours, seal...
  12. Spectacles

    Day 35 and still no babas should I be worried?

    hi my doe was due to have her first litter last Saturday, she was showing all the signs and had made a nest but pulled no hair, she was very unhappy about anyone touching her nest, that night it got very windy and her nest was destroyed but we gave her more hay and she re built it, it is now day...
  13. allyxoxo

    Rehomed Bunnies

    Hello! So recently I had to rehome two of my baby bunnies in order to care for the other two babies, (they are very small for their age), and their mama who is still recovering from being sick. I had rehomed another one of my rabbits to the person who took in my babies and she keeps him inside...
  14. Kayley

    Ants everywhere!

    Hello bunny friends, my giant lop had a litter of 5 about 6 weeks ago and I noticed there’s been a lot of ants in the back section of the hutch where the buns have been going to the bathroom, and around moms litter box. I read that they won’t harm my bunny but I just want them gone as the hutch...
  15. allyxoxo

    Baby Bunnies Fur

    My doe had babies and she cannot nurse them because that caused her to get ill, which means I have been syringe feeding them formula. I use KMR milk with heavy cream for them, but for two of the babies they make a mess and the milk/formula gets all over their fur. I try to rinse it off but they...
  16. gb1913

    Rabbit Colours? (Photos)

    I'm new to rabbits online and I never really got into the whole world of names breeders have to identify coat colours... Could anyone tell me what colour my Rabbit April is (photo attached). She also delivered 2 surprises the other day. They're about 5 days old now, super excited to see how...
  17. allyxoxo

    Baby rabbits

    My doe had babies and we have four now because unfortunately the others passed away. Since the mama became ill from how much the babies nurses on her, I have to syringe feed two of them. The two I don’t have to syringe feed are very big and will eat pellets and hay, and drink water on their own...
  18. V

    Dead kits

    So I've had 2 lionhead dwarfs for quite some time and i bred them twice, first time there were 5 kits, second time 8. I gifted the first 5 and the 8 are healthy and growing. But i recently bought a pair of lop dwarfs, and the day i bought them the guy who sold them to me bred her with his male...
  19. allyxoxo

    Odd Behavior

    I have a five and half old female rabbit. Normally she always tries to run out of the cage to play whenever I go to give her food, and I let her run around the house for a few hours before putting her away. She had babies two weeks ago and she’s been feeding them and cleaning them. Today when I...
  20. S

    Baby Rabbits are dying one by one everyday!

    Hi, my 1yr old rabbit gave birth to 7 babies, this is her 2nd time giving birth. but on the 17th day one of them started showing signs like rolling over itself like somersaulting, inabilty to walk without falling, next day it was lying down like almost dead, just breathing, with stiff straight...