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  1. S

    Thinking of rehoming - Nottingham, UK

    I’m thinking of Rehoming my rabbits, they’re 5 and 3, I just feel so bad, I just don’t have the time they need or deserve anymore. Constantly busy all the time and my parents have to look after them all the time so it’s not fair on them My partner is also allergic to hay so it’s really hard...
  2. mollyisthecoolest

    Advice on my rabbit’s diet please!!

    Hi, i’m a fairly new rabbit owner and has had my 5 and a half month old rabbit for over a month now So far, i feed him a handful of lettuce and 3 slices of pepper or cucumber or carrot twice a day for breakfast and dinner. He also has pellets and hay on offer for him 24/7 I thought that maybe...
  3. mollyisthecoolest

    How can i pick my rabbit up if he doesn’t like being picked up?

    Hello! i have recently got my first rabbit, a small white and brown 5 month old rabbit called Glen Glen is currently living by himself in a hutch. I know this isn’t ideal since he came from a large litter and rabbits are sociable but i was going to wait to see how he copes before getting a...
  4. i🤍hollands


    Hey! Just seeking some advice regarding trios. The situation is this- someone reached out who already has 2 bunnies who are 13weeks old right now. They're interested in adopting a 3rd, but my next litters wont be ready to go until July. Is it best to go ahead and bond the 2 they have currently...
  5. A

    Love at first sight?

    I have a neutered male and spayed female who have “shared” my room in separate cages next to each other since late December therefore they are very awake of each others presence. I introduced them on Tuesday and in the beginning there was a bit of chasing and nipping but it only happened once or...
  6. K


    Hello! I am new here, I hope this is the correct place to post this. I got a rabbit (first one :)) about 3 weeks ago and he is currently 13 weeks old. Yesterday I noticed he had a little bit of gas (loud gurgling stomach, some teeth-gritting) after his morning (young rabbit, oxbow) pellets and...
  7. Rambobunny

    Is this normal?

    I previously posted about my vet giving my rabbit xeno 450 for parasites after lots of itchiness and some head shaking. She did a check on his ears and said they looked healthy with no signs of infection or ear mites and did a skin sample but couldn’t see any mites. I gave his first dose last...
  8. Rambobunny

    Help with ear scab/scratching

    I’ve had Rambo now for about a month now who we keep as a free roaming indoor bunny. I noticed he was scratching a lot and recently shaking his head. I took him to the vets two days ago and they checked his ears and took a skin sample but couldn’t find any mites and said his ears looked healthy...
  9. S

    Sibling Rebonding

    We have two rabbits , Momo and Sana (7 months). We recently started rebonding them after they were fixed, with some good progress. We moved them to the kitchen yesterday and they spent the night together with no fights! But, Momo is quite anxious. Whenever Sana runs up to her to fast, she runs...
  10. Z

    Possibility of failed bonding?

    I brought in my second rabbit last week (female, 2 months old, unspayed). My first rabbit is male, 9 months old & neutered, he seems to be depressed since i brought in the baby bunny. 1. No diet change but his poops become smaller, uneven shape and most of the times its soft (cecotropes) 2. He...
  11. peanutdabunny

    ♡Whats your favorite thing you have for your bunnies?♡

    Hi Everyone!!♡ Whats your favorite item in your rabbits space? Or are you just inlove with your rabbit's space and want to share? Post it here! It can give people ideas of what to buy for there bunny! If you have a link make sure to link it so others can get it too! If you have an idea of what...
  12. O


    Hi! I currently have one rabbit [oakley] he has just turned 4 months today and on Wednesday im getting a female rabbit. Currently he isn't neutered and is getting his second vaccination and she is not spayed either. They will be kept separate until they are both done however, would I be able to...
  13. D

    Sinus issues?

    My rabbit Dobo has been sneezing off an on since January with either clear or white discharge from his nose. Hes been on three kinds of antibiotics, had a nasal flush, culture done and xray. I am kind of at my wits end as to what I can do. His energy is great, hes eating well and happy, but I...
  14. Moose1133

    Bunny with non treatable testicular cancer

    Looking for some support. 6 months ago out vet said our boy Thor who is around 8-9 years old had what she believed to be testicular cancer(one greatly enlarged testicle) we had gone there because in his age he was having alot of issues with his rear end staying clean and we believed he had an...
  15. M

    What breed is my rabbit?

    Hello, i recently rescued my first rabbit a couple months ago and am confused at what breed he is. Hes a small- medium rabbit weighing just over 3 pounds. Any ideas would be amazing. Thank you guys :)
  16. Miffythebun

    Ear mites???? HELP!

    Hi guys, So I just noticed my bunny Wookiee seems to be missing lots of fur around his ears and his neck (check photos) I’ve never really noticed this before but he does haves long lion head mane! I’ve then put together that over the past few months he has been moulting ALOT, like fur...
  17. Zeddy

    Sore hocks, advice please!

    Hey there! It seems my 2 year old, male, Netherland dwarf bun, has developed a case of sore hocks? His hocks are red, and has mild calluses as well. Though nothing seems infected, and no open sores either. He doesn't seem affected by it though, he's still as happy as he's always been. Thing...
  18. C

    Adopting from pets at home?

    Im considering getting a rabbit and was initially planning on getting from a shelter, however i was in the pets at home the other day and met a lovely bunny they had up for adoption through a charity. I wanted to know everyones opinions on adopting from there or being strict about getting from a...
  19. Reuben123

    hi I’m new and I need help

    So I have a rabbit holly hawk European rabbit I have had him for 1 year now we got him spayed 3 or more weeks ago and he’s not eating kale he loves kale but isn’t he might have some nibbles here and there and he’s not as playful as he was before I know the surgery can make them a bit...
  20. B

    New Bunny Owners

    Hi all. We are buying two bonded Holland Lop sisters and I plan on building an outdoor hutch. It will stay under our sun porch, an open area about 5 ft high with good air flow, and hopefully something we can carry into the garage during extreme temperatures. We're keeping the bunnies outside...