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    Lump on stomach

    She is beautiful. :bunnyheart Saying prayers for her. :pray:
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    Convenia for respiratory infection?

    One more question...is the nebulizer something you use instead of oral or injectable antibiotics, or do you do both? And if used alone, would nebulizing her eliminate the risk of digestive upset with antibiotics? We're headed back to the vet in 45 min.
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    Please help :(

    That must have been so scary for both of you! I'm so glad to hear that she's home and doing fine.
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    Convenia for respiratory infection?

    Thanks so much for the info. I also did search here on the forum and saw where Randy recommended Convenia. (I should have done the search in the first place before posting, duh.) I'll ask the vet about the Bicillin too, although I have to admit, I'm not too keen on having to inject her every...
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    Convenia for respiratory infection?

    Hi again, if anyone remembers me. :D I haven't been here in a long time! But my bunny and I could use some help... My 8-year-old rabbit, Tumble, went to the vet Friday with a respiratory infection. It is nearly impossible to give her oral meds, so the vet suggested giving her an injection of...
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    William is gone

    Natalie, I've really missed hearing from you and am soooo saddened to hear about William's passing. He was such a sweet, adorable bunny. I hope you and Charlie are doing okay. Keep in touch. I'm here....if you need to talk, send me a PM. *hugs* Kim
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    Thanks guys, I do need to come around here more. I miss you too. Tara, I deleted my Myspace, but I'm on Facebook. Muff and Tumble seem to be doing fine. I'm sure they miss Snicky too, but I'm so glad they still have each other. It still feels surreal to me. When I go to the condo to let them...
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    I know I haven't posted here much in awhile, but some of you know my bunnies and me, so I wanted to let you know.... Snick passed away in the wee hours of this morning. She had stopped eating, and I thought she had a gassy belly because I had given her kale, which was a new veggie for her. Of...
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    Pet gates

    Can anyone recommend a good pet/baby gate for the bunnies? Specifically, I'm looking for one that: - is pressure mounted so I can move it around to different doorways - has a walk-thru door for me - the bunnies can't chew up! - and hopefully isn't terribly expensive I'm looking at this one...
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    Nessa1487: A Tribute

    I didn't know her, but her family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers, including all of you who knew her. Especially her precious baby girl.
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    20 facts about yourself

    1) I love these kinds of "getting to know you" things & actually read every word of this loooong thread this morning. 2) I'm a Christian. I love God. I love animals. Sometimes I like people too. ;) 3) I'm 4'11" and used to be a gymnast. 4) The day before my 10th birthday, I fell off a horse...
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    Thanks! That ought to give me plenty of ideas to choose from. :) I edited my original post to answer your question about what I like. Do you have any special faves out of all those, or are they ALL your faves? I know I have lots of favorites, hehe. It's so hard for me to ever choose just a few.
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    I just joined Netflix and need some good movie recommendations. What are your favorites? *Edit* to answer JadeIcing's question: I mostly watch comedy, drama, romance, family & animal & teen movies, some suspense/thrillers (but no horror), maybe even some fantasy, but not much science fiction...
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    Angora Pictures

    TK Bunnies wrote: I know this bunny. :) His name is Baron, and his mama normally keeps his fur cut short (about 2 inches all over, I think). He's adorable and very sweet. I like the French and satin angoras and, of course, Jersey Woolies. :)
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    Cooper's Ear

    I keep wondering about that question — why do you keep getting the sick ones and have to keep going through this? And I think it must be because you take such good care of them and give them such good lives. I'm so thankful Cooper is with you, and I think you're doing the right thing given the...