Female rabbit is litter trained and spayed 6 months ago but still marks her territory

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May 21, 2021
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South Africa
Hey guys, so I really need some help with my bunny peanut

I got her about 13 months ago, and she was already 7 weeks old. After quite a bit of trouble, I eventually got her litter trained.
She was doing really great, and would only occasionally leave a few droppings and would sometimes pee on my bed. But I always put her in her litterbox asap, cleaned up as best I could, and then just put a piece of toilet paper with some of the urine in her litterbox to let her know that that is where she must do her business.

We got her spayed last year December at almost 7 months old, and at first, it was great! She never peed or pooped on my bed, stopped destroying everything and just anything she found in my room. She didn't lunge at anyone coming into my room, and she wouldn't growl at you if you want somewhere in the room she didn't want you to be.

But then near the end of March, she started pooping A LOT and peeing constantly on my bed. It got so bad that I would sometimes wake up and see (and smelled😭) that she peed next to or near me on the bed. And then in May, the spraining started... At first, it was only on one small spot on the wall next to my bed and it wasn't much. So cleaning up wasn't that much of a bother, but it's gotten to the point where there is not a wall; cupboard and even my bloody standing mirror that she has not sprayed. She even sprays higher than I can reach at this point. I put my old duvet that she destroyed with pee over my new bed cover, but sometimes the cover would move in the night and she would take the chance with no mercy for any of my things whatsoever. I now sleep in my waterproof sleeping bag, but I can't close it because she destroyed every inch of the zipper.

I really don't know what to do anymore. If I get angry and try to look very serious or tries to move her so I can clean, she looks at me with so much excitement because she thinks I am playing with her. And the little bugger is so **** cute, and she knows it too. So she uses it against me, and I mean who can resist a cute little bunny standing upright against you with their rears flat and wanting you to just cuddle with her and rub her little nose and head. Ughhhhhh.

PLEASE HELP if you have any advice.
It sounds as if she’s fully free roaming in your bedroom all the time. Maybe you should buy an X pen and keep her in there for a couple months until she’s fully using the litter box in the smaller area and gradually start letting her free roam again. I know it’s hard keeping them in an enclosure after letting them free roam but it may be best.

I’m not sure the reason why she’s all of a sudden doing this for no reason. I’ve never had a problem with either of my girls spraying even though Zola isn’t spayed yet. I wish you the best of luck!
Have you seen her actually spray urine, or is it possible she's peeing and then it's being flicked as a result of her kicking puddles or something?

If it's spraying, I would actually recommend taking your rabbit to a rabbit-experienced vet and getting bloodwork to see what's happening with her hormones (I believe I've heard this is an avenue for testing it, but haven't asked for it myself so perhaps there's a different method). Spraying in altered rabbits is not impossible, but a bit unusual. There are some cases of failed spays, rabbit hermaphrodites (having some combination of both parts, such as a uterus, ovaries, and a single testicle)....

Are there scents that may be causing her to want to mark your bedroom? For example, have you started a new job somewhere, volunteering at an animal shelter, been around other animals, using a new scent...?

Spraying aside, peeing and pooping on the bed is... almost inevitable honestly for many rabbits. Rabbits generally love peeing and marking soft things. I am in the camp of many rabbit owners where we are resigned to our rabbits can't be on the bed without supervision for long periods of time, because peeing/pooping is so likely....

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