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  1. Lilsakli

    Urine marking

    I have a brown female lop mix, nearly 3 months post spay. Her age Is unknown, but presumed to be 2 years or older. She is perfectly litter trained in her xpen, but every time I let her out to play, she always find a random spot in my apartment to urinate… there is never any poo, just always...
  2. Liana

    Female rabbit is litter trained and spayed 6 months ago but still marks her territory

    Hey guys, so I really need some help with my bunny peanut I got her about 13 months ago, and she was already 7 weeks old. After quite a bit of trouble, I eventually got her litter trained. She was doing really great, and would only occasionally leave a few droppings and would sometimes pee on...
  3. Tim.Coates

    Why has my neutered rabbit of 7 years started humping and spraying again?

    We have had a bonded pair of rabbits (Ani(M) & Obi(F)) for 7 years. They were both neutered/spayed long ago. In the last 2 years Ani has started spraying again, and not a small amount. It makes cleaning their pen much more difficult than it used to be. This spring he has just started trying to...
  4. Binkylife

    Neutered Rabbit still sprays 😱

    I adopted an older rabbit that still sprays. Is there anything I can do about this? It feels like territory war with my very dominant female mini Rex. Help! Some background: I adopted a male mini Rex rabbit who is 2.5 years old. His name is Pip, I joked that he was probably named that because...
  5. S

    Help!!! My rabbit won’t stop spraying me

    Just under a month ago I adopted a 2 year old unneutered lion head rabbit. The last couple of weeks he decided he like to spray me and only me! What does this mean and how can I get him to stop? For context: he has a large cage in the room that we leave open, we rent a room in a house with dogs...
  6. AmberKoenders

    Please help me with my humping and spraying bunny

    - Please don't get upset about my spelling; English is not my native language and I am trying ;) - - note beforehand: I don't really have the money to get him fixed - So 2 years ago I 'rescued' a bunny from my friends student house and he (the bunny) has been a problem ever since. He was about...