peeing on the bed

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  1. y2chloe

    Rabbit un potty trained himself and poops everywhere

    My male holland lop is about three years old and neutered who was once litter trained has begun to poop everywhere. I have three litter boxes set up in my bedroom where he is free range. I use newspaper in the bottom and fill the rest up with Timothy hay in two of the boxes. The third one has...
  2. Emily Christensen

    Help Rabbit Won’t Stop Peeing On Bed

    My rabbit (Holland lop) continuously pees on my bed. He’s 2 and a half and has been neutered for 2 years. In the past he would every once in a while but he randomly started acting up about a month ago and pees on my bed almost every time he’s out (every day)! My bed is their main play area...
  3. M

    Is it territorial peeing?

    Hi guys can someone help me out. I have just adopted a full grown nurtured Male rabbit. Things are going great but he is peeing on my bed (as its low enough for him to jump on but not go under) I wash my sheets as soon as he does it so the scent doesn't stay. I know that he is using his litter...
  4. B0nb0n

    Does still marking territory with pee after being spayed.

    Our almost 2 years old does got spayed over a month ago, they were always marking their territory with pee in their cage free room and on us, our sofa and bed. After they got spayed they stop humping each other and chinning everything. But they are still peeing on our bed :(. Is this normal? We...
  5. L

    Peeing on the mattress :(

    Luigi is a neutered male lop (neutered for exactly one month now) and I know the hormones won't be completely gone until after 6-8 weeks post-neuter, but I'm at my wit's end. He is perfectly litter trained and knows exactly where to go (his cage) when he needs to use the toilet. These are...