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  1. X

    How do I stop my spayed bunny peeing on my pillows?

    My 4 month old bunny keeps peeing on my pillows, I'm really confused as she's spayed which I thought would stop marking, She's totally free roam, I don't have a cage for her, and I can't afford one She normally sleeps on my bed at night on one pillow while I sleep on the other, she'll be fine...
  2. SorryBun

    Spay Area Infected ?

    I feel so bad it’s been 7 days since her surgery and she is a big girl and it’s hard to carry her. She was eating fine until Wednesday and Thursday after observing she stopped eating. I critical cared her and emailed the vet. What do you thing will happen next ?
  3. Mrs641

    Advice for my newly adopted holland lop (male)

    I have a 2 year old female, spayed, Holland lop. She’s been with us for almost 6month and we just love her! I just took in today an intact male, Holland lop. I expected there to be some hormonal behavior on his part, but whoa! He’s humping anything and everything he can find! We introduced them...