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  1. Liana

    Female rabbit is litter trained and spayed 6 months ago but still marks her territory

    Hey guys, so I really need some help with my bunny peanut I got her about 13 months ago, and she was already 7 weeks old. After quite a bit of trouble, I eventually got her litter trained. She was doing really great, and would only occasionally leave a few droppings and would sometimes pee on...
  2. y2chloe

    Rabbit un potty trained himself and poops everywhere

    My male holland lop is about three years old and neutered who was once litter trained has begun to poop everywhere. I have three litter boxes set up in my bedroom where he is free range. I use newspaper in the bottom and fill the rest up with Timothy hay in two of the boxes. The third one has...
  3. C

    Flemish Giant Show Quality (Pedigree and Papers) 8 month old NEEDS HOME.

    Fatty Pants is an 8 mo old (12/25/18) neutered, male, pedigree Flemish Giant from TwistedOaks Flemish Giants Rabbitry. He is a "show quality" (with pedigree papers) litter box trained house rabbit. Just FYI: I never intended to show him. I just wanted a healthy, optimal genetics and reputable...