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  1. Liana

    Female rabbit is litter trained and spayed 6 months ago but still marks her territory

    Hey guys, so I really need some help with my bunny peanut I got her about 13 months ago, and she was already 7 weeks old. After quite a bit of trouble, I eventually got her litter trained. She was doing really great, and would only occasionally leave a few droppings and would sometimes pee on...
  2. S

    lack of mother rabbit's milk

    hello guys, so i have 3 does and the youngest of them gave birth to 3 kits, her being a first time mother she didn't take care of the kits so I lost two and one is still alive currently 9 days old. I've been force feeding the baby by flipping the mother sideways but still the baby looks scrawny...
  3. M

    Help! Rescued Bunnies and I Need Help

    Hi all, I made an account here to post some babies that are in need of a home. Brace yourselves for the long story. Beginning of this year someone I know (in my husband's family) got 3 bunnies. I told my husband this was a terrible idea and they would be treated terribly and we'd end up...
  4. A

    Rabbit had babies

    Yesterday my 5 month old holland lop rabbit had babies. She had made a nest for them in her cage, which was dirty and I had asked someone I know who bred rabbits what I should do. She told me I could move them as long as the mom’s scent was on my hands when I touched them, so I did that and...
  5. Rachel Hill

    Is this Bad????

    I've had Grey (Male//Lionhead) for about 6 months and I just adopted Millie (Female//Dutch) about 2 weeks ago. Is it bad that I have my cages set up so they can see and smell each other? I have to keep them separated for a while until Grey gets neutered at the beginning of next month, but I want...
  6. M

    Sick Rabbit Emergency! please help

    I have a Californian show rabbit that is housed outside. I woke up this morning and noticed it was sitting and leaning on the side of the cage. I have two other rabbits and they both jump around and get excited when I bring them food. I figured something was wrong and asked a relative to check...
  7. L

    How to find NewZealand rabbits for sale??

    Hello, I am new to this site for a while. I joined because I want to buy a rabbit, but I have never owned a rabbit before, and I don't know anyone who has either. It's very difficult to find out information, and know what I am doing correctly. After researching like crazy I decided I wanted a...
  8. BunBunLover06

    HELP!! Bunny pregnant

    I have a doe mini lop that I have rescued from a neglect home. She is pregnant and starting to nest and pull fur. Is there anyway to tell when she is about to give birth? Thanks