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May 21, 2019
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So my rabbit has cecal dysbiosis. And recently he had a random flare up, I'm blaming these new fruit treats that I thought I was giving sparingly but not sparingly enough so my fault. I have put him on a hay only diet now for 5 days so far and he is definitely producing and eating normal cecotropes, I have seen him eat them and there are none in his litter box and no more runny poo.
However today I noticed some of his regular fecal pellets are a darker brown and are moist. Read they might just be fresh but I'm not sure as there are lighter ones with them. They are big and otherwise filled with hay.
Need help as I am trying to identify whether or not I can reintroduce my buns leafy greens or if it's too soon? He also left one tiny pile of like 3 cecotropes today so not sure why he abandoned those.
Please help as he is my first bunny and I am also new to all of this digestive tract issue stuff. Never knew I'd have a special needs pet but here we are and I am a super helicopter mom!!!!

Thanks everyone, you are always so helpful on this site. Ps if I don't reply, I have usually read your response and just haven't had time and am pro essing what you've told me!!! Don't want to seem rude. I love all the help everyone offers!!!20190712_194418.jpg 20190712_195048.jpg