cecal dysbiosis

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  1. Floyd2019

    Cecotropes, extra lying around

    My bunny produces lots of healthy poops, I am pretty sure he is a megacolon bunny because he's always had issues with cecotropes. Currently he eats them but there's still smears all over his pen and around his mouth. Not a mega ton but enough that I feel I should wash his blankets daily. I've...
  2. Floyd2019

    Should I clean under my rabbits chin?

    Floyd has poop issues, lately they've been great and everything has been quite normal but he has some poop under his chin! I've tried massaging it out but it's kinda dried under there. It's probably from his cecotropes, do you think he will be able to clean it himself or should i do something...
  3. B

    I need healthy cecotropes

    My bun has intermittent soft cecotropes. The vet said that feeding him a healthy bunny’s cecotropes will help replenish the gut flora and clear up the issue. I was able to get one and it made a big difference! So do any of you live in the general Ricmond VA area and if so would you be willing...
  4. Floyd2019

    Update on previous URGENT post

    His diarrhea has calmed down a bit. I have seen a couple regular fecal pellets amd the soft poo has more round and formed parts to it rather than the previous straight mush. He is eating his cardboard box and does not want to eat his hay. Not sure if that's an urge to play and chew or if he is...
  5. Floyd2019

    Call to Cecal Dysbiosis or ISC rabbit Owners

    Hey! So my rabbit has cecal dysbiosis. And recently he had a random flare up, I'm blaming these new fruit treats that I thought I was giving sparingly but not sparingly enough so my fault. I have put him on a hay only diet now for 5 days so far and he is definitely producing and eating normal...
  6. Floyd2019

    Cecal Dysbiosis

    I'm so sad, Floyd's intermittent soft cecotropes have returned. He was doing so well for three months! I was so happy. Not sure what has caused the return, it could be the fruit treat I feed him every once in a while, or less likely, the fact that I had to feed him regular bok choy instead of...